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Disney Just Released A Teaser For "Mary Poppins Returns" And I Need This Movie To Come Out, Like, Yesterday

"Practically perfect in every way."

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Early last year, it was announced that Emily Blunt had been cast as the titular character in Disney's upcoming Mary Poppins Returns.

Frederic J. Brown/ AFP / Getty Images

I know, I know. I was skeptical at first, too. Not of Emily's talent, but just of a new Mary Poppins film, in general.

Because let's be honest, who could ever replace this queen?

Disney / Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

But Julie actually told Entertainment Tonight she thought that "[Emily] was terrific and the perfect pick." In fact, according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Rob Marshall said that Andrews even turned down a cameo role in the new movie in support of Emily.

Apparently Andrews didn't want to distract from Blunt's performance, saying:

This is Emily’s show, and I really want it to be Emily’s show. I don’t want it to be, “Oh, here comes that Mary Poppins.” I don’t want that. I really want her to take this and run with it, because she will be brilliant.


And — despite looking pretty phenomenal in costume — Blunt, herself, knows that she has big shoes to fill.

Jay Maidment / Disney

Today at the D23 Expo, Blunt said, "No one is ever going to out-Julie Julie Andrews. She’s just unbelievable. There will never be anyone else like her. So I just had to do my version of her and I think we were very loyal to the books."

Disney also released this teaser trailer at the Expo and it's honestly got me so hyped for December (of 2018 — ugh, so far away).

Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins in the upcoming sequel, #MaryPoppinsReturns. The brand new film opens in theatres Decem…

The sequel (which will take place 25 years after the original, in1935) will show Mary Poppins return to help now grown-up siblings Jane and Michael Banks, and Michael's three children, cope after a family tragedy. Lin Manuel-Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Dick Van Dyke, and Angela Lansbury have also been cast in various roles.