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    Alicia Silverstone Wore Her Iconic Outfit From "Clueless" When She Met Chrissy Teigen

    "I think I've asked for 2 photos in my entire life. Alicia Silverstone and beyonce."

    Remember Iggy Azalea? Her first hit "Fancy" was great, but the music video was even better because the whole thing was a recreation of the most ICONIC '90s movie out there: Clueless.

    (Yes, it's the best and if you don't think so, you're wrong.)

    Well anyway, IDK where Iggy is now, but Chrissy Teigen is the newest celeb to show some love for the film...and its stars.

    How am I supposed to sleep? I think I've asked for 2 photos in my entire life. @AliciaSilv and beyonce

    Alicia Silverstone, who played Cher, recently filmed an episode of Lip Sync Battle along with Mena Suvari, another popular '90s actor.

    Cher — I mean Alicia — wore her iconic outfit from the movie and snapped pics with Chrissy and baby Luna. And, as you can see, Chrissy can barely contain her excitement.

    Chrissy Teigen / Snapchat

    She equated it to meeting Beyoncé, guys. BEYONCÉ!

    Now, I'm not totally sure what song they sang, but if it wasn't "Rollin' With the Homies," we should riot.

    Paramount Pictures

    Bottom line: If you think there's anything greater than Chrissy freaking out over meeting Alicia, I have only one thing to say to you...

    Paramount Pictures

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