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Updated on Jun 5, 2020. Posted on May 31, 2020

21 Celebrities Who Participated In The George Floyd Protests

Fighting on the front lines.

1. Halsey

Instagram: Halsey

2. Ariana Grande

Instagram: Ariana Grande

3. Lauren Jauregui

Instagram: Lauren Jauregui

4. Kali Uchis

5. Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair

6. Madison Beer

Instagram: Madison Beer

7. John Cusack

These were some of the peace officers - who gently tuned up my bike with their batons-

8. Machine Gun Kelly

9. Emily Ratajkowski

Instagram: Emily Ratajkowski

10. Kendrick Sampson

11. Lil Yachty

12. Nick Cannon

13. Paris Jackson

14. Anna Kendrick

Instagram: Anna Kendrick

15. Yungblud


16. Sophia Bush

Instagram: Sophia Bush

17. Jeremy Meeks


18. Jamie Foxx

19. Tinashe

20. Justine Skye

21. Swae Lee

Instagram: Swae Lee

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