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    14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "The Big Bang Theory" Only Major Fans Will Appreciate

    The Season 12 premiere will be Shamy's honeymoon!

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    Hey folks! It's that time of year again aka Comic-Con! BuzzFeed attended The Big Bang Theory panel, which featured a couple of cast members and writers of the show. Here's some fun stuff we learned:

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    1. Mark Hamill was "a little hesitant" to star in the Season 11 finale.


    Writer Steve Holland said that they "didn't have a script at the time and [Mark] was a little hesitant to commit to something without a script." Luckily, after brainstorming some ideas with the writers, everything worked out! Holland said that Mark was "so gracious with everybody", and that he even "took a moment and talked to everybody. He uses that power so well and so kindly — he's just a really special person."

    2. Even though Raj laments not being in a relationship on the show, Kunal Nayyar said that he "enjoys being the single guy."


    He said, "Seriously, it's really fun. You get to explore different aspects and have many potential guest stars." The audience suggested that Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot should be a potential love interest and Nayyar readily agreed. (Writers, make it happen!)

    3. Raj's hair is straight because of Howard.


    Normally, it takes 20 minutes to straighten Nayyar's hair before each episode, but last season he got a chance to wear his natural curls. Writer Tara Hernandez admitted that "they may have lost the joke," but [the writers] originally decided that "Raj straightened his hair because the first person he met in America was Howard and he was the coolest guy he'd met."

    4. Mayim Bialik thought Amy had the perfect wedding dress.


    "I think the idea was we wanted [Amy] to get into a dress that really embodied all of her dreams and all of her wishes, and why pick one dream and wish when you can put all of them into one dress?" she joked. "So, there was a ribbon and a capelet, and there was a hoop skirt and also gloves, but don't forget the tiara! It was every single thing one could want and she chose 'em all!"

    5. She also said that the wedding episode was "more than the sum of its parts."


    "When I was saying those vows, I was saying them in front of people I love and care for as me, and also as this character."

    6. It was no big deal to get Teller to speak.


    Teller, of famous magicians Penn & Teller, usually never speaks during his performances, but when it came to saying his single line, according to Holland, "[They] just asked him." He joked, "It wasn't like a magic trick we did on him."

    7. Although it was revealed during the premiere of Young Sheldon that Amy and Sheldon "ultimately have children," that probably won't be happening for a while.


    Holland revealed, "Right now, right in this part of the season, there's no plans [for a Shamy baby]."

    8. Penny's acting days are most likely behind her.


    Holland said, "Penny has achieved some success in her pharmaceuticals and I think she's happier now that she's having some professional success. [Having her act again] is possible, but I feel like we've done that with her character right now there's no plans to have her go back to acting."

    9. Kunal Nayyar hated filming with the snake back in Season 5's "The Good Guy Fluctuation."


    Nayyar said, "You know what the worst day of my life was? When I opened a script for The Big Bang Theory and Raj has to take an eight-foot albino snake out of the drawer and kiss it because Indians apparently love snakes." According to Holland, as soon as Nayyar got out of camera range he was like, "Get it away! Get it away!"

    10. The Season 12 premiere will follow Shamy's honeymoon!


    Holland revealed, "The premiere episode coming back, we're going to see Sheldon and Amy on their honeymoon."

    11. He also revealed that "Kathy Bates and Teller are going to return."


    12. There's going to be a ~kind of~ crossover event with Young Sheldon.


    Holland said, "There's an episode we're writing now where we're going to meet grown-up Tam, who is [Sheldon's] best friend from Young Sheldon, and we're going to learn what happened to them and why Sheldon's never mentioned Tam in the 11 years he's been on Big Bang."

    13. There are no other spinoff shows in the works. Sorry, Young Leonard hopefuls!


    But, Nayyar joked that he would love to see a spinoff "maybe not like Young Sheldon, but like Old and Fat Raj."

    14. An actual Comic-Con episode won't be happening.


    Every few seasons the characters talk about going to Comic-Con, but we never see them there. Holland revealed that's because "it's really hard to shoot on location. We've gone out on location maybe three times total, if that, and we just couldn't figure out how to do it." But Nayyar said, "We may not be able to go and shoot at Comic-Con, but we could bring Comic-Con to Warner Bros. Studios and shoot there."

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