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65 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Harry And Meghan: A Royal Romance"

Kate's the villain and I'm gonna cut a bitch named Bella.


1. Wow, jumping right in with the funeral. This is going to be emotional.

2. She looks soooooo much like Real Diana.

Michael Courtney / Lifetime

3. A lion. A fucking lion. In the first three minutes. Really, Lifetime??

4. This Suits director is...the worst.

5. TBH, I thought that Charles would be more upset with Harry after his ~escapades~.

6. Wait...THAT WAS WILL????? LMAO!

7. I know they're British, but "Pa?" "Naughty?"

8. "No plus one, just me." Lol, that's my life.

9. Yaasss, girl! Drag him for being late.

10. He would recite poetry.

11. Wait, this date is actually pretty cute.

12. I'm sorry, but every time her mom calls her flower I get Mother Gothel vibes.


13. That reaction to hearing those lions is the only relatable thing about this so far.

14. Will: "I'm just having a bit of a giggle." Please, stop.

15. "She's American, she's divorced, her mom is black." What's your fucking point, Kate???

16. "I was in Botswana with Prince Harry, you can't say a word," she says in a trailer full of people.

17. And why does he just go along with it so easily?? If my best friend told me that she went on an international date with the last eligible prince of England I'd ask her what she was smoking, and if I could have some.

18. Why does him showing up at her trailer feel more extra than Botswana?

19. Um, why did the hair and makeup guy give him a frog costume instead of — oh, I don't know — new hair and makeup??

20. "She has to play by the same rules." Kate, you're cancelled.

21. Harry to Prince George: "Sorry, she's taken." Cute.

22. Bella: *speaks*

23. Me:


24. SHE 👏 DID 👏 NOT 👏 JUST 👏 TOUCH 👏 HER 👏 HAIR 👏.

25. Omg, these paparazzi!

26. Protect Doria at all cost.

27. This fight about the statement is dumb.

28. Girl, he is a prince! Don't do this.

29. SMDH.

30. Doria, you better talk some sense into your daughter!

31. She's the real MVP.

32. Is it possible to make a rom-com without a dramatic airport scene? Asking for a friend.

33. "It doesn't matter where we go as long as we're together." Okay, but like, doesn't the pilot need to submit flight plans ahead of time or something?

34. Did you bring your passport?

35. Where are you even right now? I’ve lost track.


36. These girls at Pippa's wedding are the British Plastics.

37. "They can talk to the first-in-line." Okay, calm down, Charles.

38. These racist old women and this brooch.

39. This schtick again? The "on-the-phone-at-the-door" thing was only cute the first time.

40. "California girls don't have to worry about having kids at 35, like other people...or, is it 36?" SHUT THE FUCK UP, BELLA.

41. Camilla is the best character.

42. Dumb Fight: Round 2.

43. "He's only going to want me if I can give him children." This isn't The Handmaid's Tale, Meghan.

44. Why is Will being weird?

45. He knows that Harry is going to propose!

46. Oh, jk.

47. It's the anniversary of their mom's death. I'm a monster.

48. Is he going to adopt this girl in Botswana?

49. Okay, I know that doesn’t happen, but still.

50. Is she an important character??

51. Harry: "You're just an actress!"

52. Meghan:


53. I'm soooo done with these lions.

54. Where's their security??

55. I know he doesn't travel without some kind of guard.



57. Seriously, this Suits director.

58. Okay, they're at home. Maybe he's going to propose properly now.

59. Damnit, Lifetime!

60. Is this the end of the movie???

61. Oh, they're visiting the Queen!

62. What if she didn't give them her blessing?

63. Now, you want to give me the proper proposal?


64. I can't believe I watched this movie.

65. But, I need to see it again immediately.

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