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The Reasons Why I Love You Dad

Now I can be a real drama queen when I want to be and can be so annoying. You are the only one who can keep yourself level-headed and the others around you as cool as a cucumber. Here are the top-ten reasons why I love you Papa :D

1. Because you taught me to be myself and follow my dreams no-matter-what.

Cheers to you Dad :D :D

2. Because only you can stay so organized in a sea of mayhem

And I try and learn that from you every day (and fail of course..No one on this planet can be as organized and planned as you are :D )

3. Because no one on this planet can give better hugs than you can

And no one can look as fabulous while giving them at the same time ;) :D


4. Because you tell me I look and am the best even when I feel the worst

You've taught me how to be Self Confident and Determinant

5. Because the crazy stuff I do with you cannot be done with anyone else


6. Because for me you are the best photographer in the world

You always make sure that I'm a princess in all my pictures irregardless of the time and place :O

7. Because you have captured every smile and every laugh

No one else has or will ever do that for me

8. Because you are the best audience and my No. 1 fan no matter how my performance is/was

9. Because you being in my life and your protectiveness is my source of comfort

No matter how much ever I argue about it with you..I will love it in the end. Because you make me feel like treasure and I love the happy cocoon which you have built around me . I truly feel like a princess when I am with you.

10. And finally because my life would be incomplete without you and mom

No matter how much I try to defy this statement. Its true (sigh) :')

Life would be bland, flavourless and a complete mess without any of you.

No matter what I do, how I do, What/When/How/Why I say, you have accepted me and listened and been patient with me. Don't ever change!! You are the best Papa any girl can ever ask for and I wouldn't give this life up for anything solely because of you and mom and our family.

Thank you for Everything!!


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