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Which "SpongeBob Squarepants" Character Should You Fuck?

Let's go to Bikini Bottom.

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  1. Hi there and welcome to Bikini Bottom! May I ask what kind of creature you are?

  2. Awesome! Well, it's Saturday — do you want to hang out? What should we do?

  3. Cool beans! Have you met my friend Squidward? He's pretty relatable. Which one of his faces is your orgasm face?

  4. That was fun! Do you want to sing a song now? "F" is for ___...

  5. OK, then! I hear you're writing a very sexy romance novel. What's its title?

  6. Oh shoot, I have to go! Wanna hang out later? Maybe you can wear one of these outfits ; ) — go ahead, pick one!

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