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Vance Joy On 14 Dating Dealbreakers

Could he date someone who doesn't like junk food? (Nope.)

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If you don't know the name Vance Joy, that's going to change real soon. Not only is the handsome Aussie the voice of hits like "Riptide," "Mess is Mine," and new single "Fire and the Flood," he's been traveling the world as the opening act on Taylor Swift's epic 1989 tour.

Since he's in Los Angeles to attend the Video Music Awards — he's nominated for Artist to Watch, which you can vote for here — Vance stopped by BuzzFeed LA and played a little game of "Mess is Mine/Mess is Yours."

Let's get started!


Vance Joy: That's OK, I can deal with that.

Vance: I think that would be a dealbreaker because I'm personally always talking about my friends. If I'm seeing a girl, I'll tell her how great my friends are so I guess she has to deal with that.


Vance: Look if it was just that one thing — I can accept that.

Vance: Especially early on because you go through that jealousy phase when things just make you insanely jealous. It's OK... eventually.


Vance: That's maybe a true indication of someone's personality.

Vance: They hate junk food?! [Shows "MESS IS YOURS"]. I have a sweet tooth.

Vance: Definitely. It's too hard 'cause they think you're one thing and you might be another thing.

Vance: I'm a late person so in that instance, I'll be the early person.

Vance: You know, I've had instances where I've walked out of movies and I've loved it and the person I'm with is like, "That was the worst movie ever" and I'm just like, far out I'm making some serious judgements about you right now.

Vance: It's fine!

In absolutely awesome news, you can vote for Vance Joy to win the Artist to Watch award at this year's Video Music Awards! Just click here.



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