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    Zach Galifianakis Gave Us Work Advice And It Was Hilarious AF

    Basically, we're fired.

    Macey J. Foronda / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    FACT: Zach Galifianakis is one of the funniest people alive. So when we heard that he was playing an HR rep in his new film, Keeping Up with the Joneses, we just had to see if he was as good at solving office problems as his character. Four BuzzFeed employees asked Zach to help solve their workplace disputes and as expected, his advice was truly one for the ages:

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    First up was Sheridan, who needed help with a coworker who eats the same stinky salad almost every day:


    Zach agreed that Raspberry Vinaigrette Kale were three words that should not exist and suggested a simple solution: Demand that they eat in their car. Solid!

    Next to go was Christian, who has been fighting over a footrest with the coworker who sits across from him:


    Zach let everyone know that his sister's feet smell like Doritos and that Christian should use that as inspiration.

    Mike wanted to know what gift he should get his boss for his birthday:


    After suggesting an X-rated surprise, Zach proposed a gift certificate to the hottest joint around — Souplantation.

    And finally, Lindsay needed help with a coworker who's been spelling her name wrong for a year:


    Zach wanted Linds to take the high road. Oh, and also to just change her name entirely.

    Thanks for the tips, Zach!*


    *No one should probably take this advice...EVER.

    Check out Zach in his latest movie Keeping Up With The Joneses in theaters October 21!

    Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed