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18 Times McDonald's Failed So Hard It Won

I'm NOT lovin' it.

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1. What's better: 10 nuggets or three misshapen chicken patties?

2. What a great pickle!

3. Who wants Chicken Selects when they can have a chicken crumble instead?

4. These mozzarella sticks are so light! Probably because they're empty.

5. Ah, just how I like my bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit — without the egg or the cheese!

6. Honestly, who needs a McChicken without... chicken?

7. Yes, I would like a burger without a burger please.

8. $3 toast, perfect!

9. Yum, my drop of tartar sauce!

10. Pickles inside the burger are so overrated.

11. All salads should be this small tbh.

12. "In a cup."

13. I love my cheese barely there and halfway falling off.

14. Super-flat burger? Perfect!

15. "Just cheese on my burger."

16. I don't know about you but this cheese slice looks great!

17. There's no issue here, I asked for NO Canadian bacon and that's what I got!

18. And finally, who needs a chocolate shake when you could get half vanilla without even asking?!

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