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Everyone Calm Down Because Louis Tomlinson's Son Has A Birth Certificate

It's real. They don't issue these to doll babies.

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ICYMI: There's an insane conspiracy theory that Louis Tomlinson, member of One Direction, is not the father of baby Freddie Reign.

That's right. And not only is Louis NOT the father โ€” baby Freddie doesn't even exist!

It's all a sham involving dolls, other people's infants, a plan to distract people from #Larry, and more.

There's a whole lot of so-called evidence that honestly is one long trip to loony town, but if you want the nitty-gritty deets, you can read up on the theory here.

BUT if you want a big fat spoiler alert to the end of this saga, BuzzFeed News has acquired Freddie Reign Tomlinson's actual birth certificate. Are you ready? Here it is:

BuzzFeed News

This is a certificate for a live birth in the state of California. Notice how it does not say "doll baby" anywhere on this certificate.

That's Freddie's name. And those are his parents, Louis and Briana.

BuzzFeed News

Neither of whom are the head of Syco PR.

So, you guys, this is Freddie Tomlinson.

This is Freddie with his dad, Louis. And this is Freddie with his mom, Briana.

Can we please agree that the case is closed now?

  1. So tell us: Do you finally believe?

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So tell us: Do you finally believe?
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