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    17 Reasons Why Arnold Would Have Been Lucky To Date Helga

    Move it, Football Head.

    Everyone knows the '90s masterpiece, Hey Arnold!

    Though the show featured lots of different characters, no plot line was ever as important as Helga and Arnold's tortured romance.

    Arnold obviously had no idea of Helga's obsession with him but let's be real, any dude would be LUCKY to call Helga Pataki his girlfriend.

    1. First of all, Helga is loyal AF.

    2. Seriously, even when other guys hit on her she's like, "Nope."

    3. She's a total badass.

    4. She's an incredible businesswoman.

    5. Her confidence is to be admired.

    6. Behind that tough exterior, she's a true romantic.

    Is that Helga or Nicholas Sparks?

    7. She's got some mean dance moves.

    8. She's self-aware.

    9. She's not afraid to get down with her weird self.

    10. She knows she deserves to be pampered.

    11. She doesn't care about social norms... If a girl's gotta eat, she gotta eat.

    12. She's pretty stealthy.

    13. She's a complex person.

    14. She's relatable.

    15. She's truly a poet.

    16. She's a great kisser.

    17. And she's quite the artist.