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    Meryl Streep's Daughters Look Flawless In This Fashion Campaign

    Those are some good genes โ€” and jeans.

    You obviously know Meryl Streep: Actress, humanitarian, goddess, living proof that perfection exists.

    Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

    Can she do no wrong?

    But do you know her three daughters?

    Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

    That's right, Meryl bestowed upon us the gift of mini-Meryls.

    Grace, Louisa, and Mamie Gummer all appear in the new campaign for & Other Stories' collaboration with Clare Vivier.

    Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

    Is that Haim? Nope, it's just the Gummer sisters killing the downtown chic look.

    You might've seen Mamie in The Good Wife and Emily Owens, M.D. But here she is looking like a carbon copy of her mama.

    Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

    Grace is also an actress and is currently starring on the CBS show Extant with Halle Berry. She was also on The Newsroom.

    Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

    Youngest Louisa is a model with IMG.

    Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

    Well, we know one thing for certain...

    Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

    ... They got it from their mama.

    Evening Standard / Via Getty Images

    You must be a proud mom, Meryl.

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