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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    15 Kinds Of People You Meet In Film Class

    "Pain is cinema. Cinema is pain."

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    1. The person who decided to major in film studies because, "it's easy."

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    Logline: "I thought we were just gonna talk about whether or not we liked the movie..."

    2. The goal-driven filmmaker who thinks that theory classes are a waste of time.

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    Logline: "I could be out making ART, but I'm stuck here watching it."

    3. The person who knows everything about every decade of cinema.

    Paramount / Via

    Logline: "Yeah, I recorded the lecture. Yeah, you can have my notes. Yeah, I can explain postmodernism to you."

    4. The stoner who can't seem to remember any cinematic vocabulary.

    Revolution / Via

    Logline: "The colors, man. The colors were great. Do you think there are aliens out there?"

    5. The super serious person who has never actually cracked a smile.

    Walt Disney / Via

    Logline: "Requiem for a Dream is the feel-good movie of the year."

    6. The frat guy who needed an elective.

    A&M Films / Via

    Logline: "Do we get to watch The Dark Knight? That's literally the best film ever made, bro."

    7. The "muncher" who disrupts the entire lecture by eating the crunchiest food.

    Morgan Creek Productions / Via

    Logline: *awkwardly tries to open up a bag of noisy chips for three minutes*

    8. The person who's majoring in acting and hopes to rub shoulders with major directors.

    Logline: "I work tirelessly trying to become a master at my craft."

    9. The only black person in the class who everyone turns to whenever a black film is shown in lecture.

    New Line Cinema

    Logline: "No, I don't have any personal experiences to add to this discussion of 12 Years a Slave."

    10. The person who calls The Graduate "too commercial."

    Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

    Logline: "Pain is cinema. Cinema is pain."

    11. The overachiever who laughs at every joke the professor makes.

    Paramount / Via

    Logline: "Hey Professor, did you see Interstellar this weekend? The whole time I was thinking about your lecture on scientific realism!"

    12. The TA who hates their job.

    Columbia / Via

    Logline: "I can't deal with these undergraduates who don't know who Kurosawa is."

    13. The TA who loves their job.

    Voltage / Via

    Logline: "Cinema is magic and I'm here to make it even more magical with complex terms."

    14. The person who claims to be an expert on composition, lighting, and basically everything technical.


    Logline: "I like, grew up around filmmakers so I know all about the rule of thirds."

    15. The film snob who thinks foreign films are the only kind of good films.

    Walt Disney / Via

    Logline: "David Lynch is the only American director to come close to the genius of Godard."

    And you, who are friends with all these crazy people.

    New World / Via

    Logline: "Never have I ever regretted being a film major."

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