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    James Harris And David Parnes Play A Game Of Him Or Me

    Let's see what these BFFs think.

    Fans of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles know that James Harris and David Parnes are as tight as BFFs come. They've known each other since childhood, and now work as partners dominating the LA real estate scene.

    Since they're as close as brothers, it was only right to see what these two really think about each other so we played a little game of "Him or Me" with the duo. Turns out they agree on who's the best dancer, but disagree on who gets stressed out more.

    Who is the better cook?

    James: Me. Well actually it's debatable. What about both?

    David: It's specific things.

    James: He's a mean chicken wing cooker on the barbecue.

    David: I do an amazing barbecue!

    James: But I cook a rack of lamb.

    David: I can boil an egg though, really well.

    James: And I can do an omelet.

    David: There's a skill to boiling an egg perfectly. It's three minutes from the boil—

    James: Very exciting. You put this egg in a saucepan and you let the water boil for three minutes so I think based on that — me.

    Who is the better driver?

    James: Even [David] will say me.

    BuzzFeed: How bad are you, David?

    David: Alright, my insurance will go up if we keep talking.

    Who takes the longest to get ready?

    James: I'm 45 minutes down to the second.

    Who is better at flirting?

    James: I'm fantastic at flirting. My wife disagrees but she knows I'm a good boy so I'll say me. [David] has no comment because he just got engaged.

    David: Well that's my comment there.

    Who is more of a slob?

    James: I'd love if there was a neither.

    David: What do you mean, slob?

    BuzzFeed: Who's messier?

    James: We're both OCD.

    Who has more of a potty mouth?

    James: Not around my children but I do have a foul mouth.

    BuzzFeed: Do you have a favorite curse word?

    James: Yes [but] I can't say it — it's bad.

    Who had better grades in school?

    James: That's easy. I had no grades. School wasn't for me.

    David: The competition wasn't high.

    Who has the better wardrobe?

    David: How do you have a better wardrobe?

    James: Got a pretty good wardrobe.

    David: You open my wardrobe — have you seen it?

    James: His is cleaner 'cause I have children so my shit is everywhere. But I'd say mine is better.

    David: Let's agree to disagree.

    Who is more likely to be late to a meeting?

    James: Neither.

    David: We'll have to be not him but not me either.

    James: We're never late.

    Who gets stressed out more?

    David: Have you seen your text messages recently? I'm blanking, I'm panicking.

    James: Who's holding their phone right now?

    David: I'm actually reading—

    James: Him!

    Who is better at sports?

    David: Have you fucking seen me run? You know how many medals I've won.

    James: He won about eight medals at one sports day but I'm also very good at sports.

    David: I'll outrun you. He is a good tennis player.

    James: I can outrun you.

    David: No, not in a million years.

    Who is the better singer?

    David: You can have that.

    James: I'll take it.

    Who is better at an American accent?

    David: You can have that so I don't have to do an impression.

    BuzzFeed: Are you guys good at it?

    James: I'm really bad at it, my American accent is horrendous.

    Who is more likely to be found at the gym?

    James: That's very easy. Just look at our muscles and that'll answer that.

    Who is better at household chores?

    David: I'm really good at household chores.

    James: You don't do shit don't even—

    David: I clean the sink, I [empty out] the dishwasher, I do everything!

    James: I clean my whole house, please!

    David: No you don't, when have you ever cleaned your house?

    James: Every single day.

    David: Please, you have a nanny there all day every day.

    James: She's there to look after the children!

    David: And clean the house...

    James: And clean the house.

    David: You're so full of shit.

    Who is more addicted to their phone?

    James: That's an easy one. I'm bad, but he's terrible.

    David: Are you serious?

    James: Yeah, you're bad.

    David: You're on your phone the whole time! I'm bad as well, I agree. It's probably neck and neck on that one.

    James: Equal.

    David: I don't think if you're on the phone the whole time, someone can't be more than the other so it's a tie.

    Who is the better dancer?

    James: I'd love to have a neither right here but I'm gonna have to say me. Thank you, even you said me.

    David: That's the most misleading thing.

    James: Yeah, we're both shit.

    Who is more homesick for Britain?

    David: You know what, I just turned into a citizen.

    BuzzFeed: Congrats!

    David: Thanks! I love the U.S. and I love LA and I never regretted moving here, however, I just went back to London and for the first time I really loved it. But I do love LA more.

    James: LA's home and I love it — been here 11 years. But I do miss London. It's my city.

    David: It's a beautiful place.

    James: It's a beautiful place!

    David: The weather's shit though.

    James: The people are great!

    Catch James and David on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo!