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19 Things Every Jersey Girl Knows To Be True

What do you wanna do? Let's just go to the mall.

1. You're used to people calling you, "aggressive."

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What do you mean use my inside voice? This is my inside voice!

2. You could have no accent at all but the second you get drunk or angry, your inner Joisey comes out.

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3. Your hometown mall is the one place you go to where everything makes sense.


Our malls should be deemed heritage sites.

4. And your nail salon comes a close second.

MGM / Via

For some reason, there's a nail salon on every block. ON EVERY BLOCK IN THE STATE.

5. But if you need a metropolitan fix, you can always hop over to New York or Philly.

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In the rare case you need to get out of Jersey, the outside world is only a car ride/ train ride/ ferry ride away.

6. Everyone thinks you spend all day teasing your hair into a bumpit.

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Yeah, no. P.S. Don't assume I like cheetah print.

7. But you have to admit, you're kind of addicted to a smokey eye.

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Look, it goes with everything, OK?

8. You have to deal with people constantly asking you if your life is like Jersey Shore.

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First of all, that is such an original joke and no one has ever asked me that before! Second of all, THEY DON'T EVEN GO HERE. Seriously, like ONE of them is actually from NJ to begin with.

9. Also, someone ALWAYS has a Sopranos-related joke.


The only mafia I'm a part of is the brunch mafia.

10. You're used to the best Italian food outside of Italy.

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Fools be raving about New York and Chicago and they haven't even explored what we have to offer.

11. Your obsession with bagels might lead to a restraining order.


Oh yes, you will drive the 30 minutes to get your perfect bagel breakfast sandwich.

12. And you spend most of your life in a diner.

Weinstein /

And why the hell not?

13. "What exit are you?" is a totally normal thing to ask.

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Do you know how many freakin' towns are in this state?

14. You shake your head whenever anyone asks what "The Shore" means.


"Like is it one town? Shore, New Jersey?" Puh-leeze.

15. You get annoyed every time someone says that only Italians live in Jersey.


HA. Take a short drive through Jersey and you will see ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

16. Some might say you have a problem with cursing.

Showtime / Via

We're not angry, this is just how we communicate.

17. Chances are you had your first awkward kiss in a park while five of your BFFs were hiding behind a bush.


The park was the only place your mom would drop you off. Plus, it had a Starbucks nearby so you could go drink a Mocha and feel like a ~grownup.~

18. If you ever hear the opening to "Sweet Caroline," it brings you right back to all those Bar Mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteens.

19. And finally, you know the cardinal rule of Jersey girls.

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