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18 Reactions All Black Girls With Extensions Will Recognize

No I'm not getting in the pool.

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1. When someone says your hair looks amazing:

Bravo / Via

I'm not touching my bangs, do you know how long it took to make them sweep like this?

2. When your hairdresser says she has an opening for you last-minute:

Bravo / Via

Whose hair is going to be looking fierce? MINE.

3. When someone asks the inevitable, "Is it real?":

FOX / Via

"Is this one of those weavies? My black friend just taught me about tracks!"

4. When your white friend keeps asking how you go from short hair to long hair to short again so quickly:

Bravo / Via

If I think hard enough, my hair grows really quickly. And then I cut it. And then I think really hard again!

5. When your friends all want to do a Pinterest hair tutorial and ask if you want in:

Lifetime / Via

Sure! Are they all low braids?

6. When you look in the mirror and you're trying to figure out if you can see any tracks:


Is that? There? Hmm, maybe I can get away with it.

7. When you leave the salon ready for a night out:


It's on, bitches.

8. And when you leave the salon but it's raining:

Bravo / Via


9. When you can't go to your normal hairdresser and have to try and squeeze in at a blow dry bar:

NBC / Via

Don't be scared, you can blowout my hair I BELIEVE IN YOU.

10. When you're on vacation and realize you forgot your shower cap at home:

Oxygen / Via


11. When your beauty supply store tries to tell you they're out of the hair you want:

FOX / Via

We about to have some problems, here.

12. When someone asks you how extensions work:

NBC / Via

"Is it sewn... INTO YOUR SCALP?" "Is it clipped?" "Is it glued???"

The correct answer is D.) NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.

13. When your friends ask you for the millionth time if you want to do an underwater breathing competition:

Warner Bros. / Via

Look, I will get in. I will doggy paddle around. But I just spent six hours getting my hair done and I am not getting it wet.

14. When some rando tries to tell you that washing your hair once a week is gross:

MTV / Via

While yours might get greasy everyday, mine doesn't so byeeeee.

15. When your hair starts to get greasy but your appointment isn't for a few more days.

Dreamworks / Via

Well, I guess I'll just rock a perpetual bun until then.

16. When someone says the amount of time you spend on your hair is weird:


I get it, you're just jealous of the bond I have with my hairdresser.

17. When someone calls you insecure for wearing extensions:

The CW / Via

I can have my hair any way I please, thank you very much.

18. And when someone asks if they can touch your hair:


LOL, no.

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