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    Lili Reinhart Posted A Cute Photo Of Cole Sprouse And Then He Gently Trolled Her


    Hey, did you know that Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are dating? Well, you do now!

    Hector Retamal / AFP / Getty Images

    Though they don't really talk about their relationship publicly, they did attend the Met Gala together. They also post really cute photos calling each other, "my love."

    Apparently this isn't enough for people, though, since Lili and Cole continuously get asked about their relationship. Like, all the time.

    The Paley Center for Media / Via
    The Paley Center for Media / Via

    And on Saturday, Lili posted this shirtless beach pic of Cole with the caption, "I hope you don't mind":

    Cole's response? Only the most gentle of trolls.


    Ah, you crazy kids. May you troll forth and prosper!

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