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Christina Applegate And Ed Helms Play A Round Of Never Have I Ever

The Vacation edition — duh.

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Vacation nightmares take a whole new meaning in the new comedy Vacation, starring Ed Helms and Christina Applegate. A sequel to the original classic with Chevy Chase, Ed plays a grown-up Rusty Griswold who tries to freshen things up in his life by driving his family to Walley World.

As you can imagine, complete hijinks ensue, so we decided to ask Christina, Ed, and Skylar Gisondo to play a little game of Never Have I Ever — with a vacation twist.

Has the airline ever lost your luggage?


Christina: There was a period of five years where they lost our luggage every Christmas. I'm not exaggerating.

Ed: I feel like the luggage at LAX, everyone's luggage gets lost for an hour between landing and the baggage carousel.

Christina: I don't know if it gets lost.

Ed: They lose it! Takes them an hour to find it and then they put it on the carousel.


Have you ever gotten food poisoning on vacation?

Ed: Oh my God. In the biggest way.

BuzzFeed: I feel like there's a story there.

Ed: It was when we were shooting Hangover 2 in Thailand. It was week one and I was just weirdly confident about eating everything and I ate street food in Bangkok.

Christina: Oh my God, come on now. Common sense, friends.

Ed: Common sense. I thought I was going to die. I remember I called the director and was like, "I don't know, I think I have to go to the hospital" and he was like, "Your call time is in 20 minutes." I did whole scenes in that movie beyond sick.

Have you ever missed a flight?

Ed: I'm trying to remember a terrible — oh, just a couple of weeks ago I missed a flight. I was going to a small town in the Rockies and I was connecting through Phoenix. Missed the flight, had to drive from Phoenix to the place — eight hours. But silver lining: stunningly beautiful drive.


Skylar: So I'm just the person who kind of sits there and fumes in my own head and is like, "Someone should really go do something about that, that's so annoying." But I would never say something, just kind of go with the flow.

Have you ever lost your passport?


Christina: I'm pretty organized.

Ed: You'd be nice to travel with.

Christina: I would hold your passport for you. Usually I'm the ticket holder and the passport holder.

Ed: I'm actually really pretty good but it was one trip — again, it was a work trip — and I held up like 20 colleagues waiting on me just to search all my luggage. I found it — I did find it! — but it was so stupid.


Skylar: There was one time, we had gotten off the plane we were about 20 minutes off it and my mom goes, "Do you have your passport?" I did not have my passport. I've never run faster or harder in my life. I had all this luggage, run back to the plane. Thankfully, they don't let you come on but they go on and search for you and bring it back.

And then one time I put my passport in my checked luggage and they put it away so we couldn't board the flight. We had to wait eight hours to get the next one.

Have you ever gotten sunburned?


Christina: Yeah, totally.

Ed: But I was on medication that made my skin sensitive and I didn't realize that.

Christina: I just thought I was invincible.

Ed: You wanted a tan?

Christina: "The sun's not that hot, I don't need to put anything on." Cut to: Vacation ruined.

Have you ever gotten pickpocketed on vacation?


Ed: I should clarify, it was an attempted pickpocket, which I thwarted. So I was sitting in a café in Paris, it was very like classic story, guy sits down next to me, talking on his phone and I had my little European man purse that I bought in Paris to carry around my map and stuff. And I just felt a little rustle next to me and I looked over and his trench coat was over my bag. I was like, "What the hell?" and I grabbed it.


Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish?


Ed: Oh yeah.

Christina: My husband has but no.

Ed: I grew up in the South. We'd go to the beaches in North Carolina and South Carolina and the jellyfish are insane out there.

Christina: If someone says to me, "You know there might be jellyfish out there," you know what I do? I don't go in the water.

Ed: You're like, "Where are the peanut butter fish?"

Christina: That was so random.


Skylar: I feel like that happens a lot. You just knock on a door and open it and there's that split second where you realize it's not your room but you still stand there anyway and you take it all in.


Skylar: And it was like my first time just going on a road trip with a couple of friends by ourselves and of course two hours into it, the car broke down — which you know was all my fault and i probably should have had that checked out beforehand.

Have you ever gotten lost on a road trip?


Ed: I've been momentarily lost.

Christina: I've been lost driving but not on a roadtrip.

Ed: It's hard with GPS now.

Christina: Back then, when you had your Thomas guide, which people don't know what this thing was. This was all we had!

Ed: A road atlas.


Have you ever worn a fanny pack on vacation?


Ed: They're extremely functional. My mom wore fanny packs all the time and I was embarrassed by that but I now see the value. I've worn a fanny pack on a hike.

Christina: I think I've done that back in the eighties or something.