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Are You The Messy Roommate?

How many dishes are on your bedside table right now?

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  1. 1. Check all that apply:

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    Do your roommates constantly ask you to clean up?
    Like, more than once a month?
    Or more than once a week?
    How about more than once a day?
    Have you gotten into actual fights with your roommates about you not pulling your weight?
    Do you hoard food in your room?
    Like, is your room basically a kitchen pantry?
    Do you have two or more dishes in your room right now?
    Do you only wash your sheets once a month?
    Or every few months?
    Or only if there's visible stains?
    Or never?
    Is your floor covered with clothes right now?
    Are there more clothes on your floor than there are in your closet?
    Are the common areas just an extension of your closet?
    Is your desk not a desk but a storage unit?
    Is laundry an "I'll do it when I run out of clothes" thing?
    Do you frequently go commando or wear bathing suits when you run out of underwear?
    Are dishes something that are supposed to sit in the sink until you need them again?
    If the dishwasher is full do you just wait until someone else puts everything away?
    When you open your fridge is there a smell that would make Satan vomit?
    Do you like to leave food out in case you want some at all hours of the day?
    Do you leave cups around “for later”?
    Do you think flies in your kitchen is totally normal?
    Have you never cleaned your toilet?
    Are you OK with toothpaste on your bathroom mirror?
    Do you put new toilet paper rolls on top of empty ones instead of changing it?
    Do you not even put out a new toilet paper roll?
    Has your roommate ever asked you to buy more toilet paper or paper towels and you always “forget”?
    Are there stains in your shower?
    Do you buy new bottles of shampoo and conditioner without throwing out the old empty bottle?
    Do you regularly leave towels on the floor instead of hanging them?
    Have you never used a vacuum in your room?
    Can you not remember the last time you took out the trash without being asked?
    Do you pile things on top of the trash rather than take it out?
    Do you have pests in your home?
    Do you like to have parties and then wait a day or two to clean up?
    Have your roommates stopped asking you if they can throw out your stuff?
    Is the majority of the stuff on your living room table yours?
    And finally, has anyone ever walked into your room and said, “Oh shit"?

Are You The Messy Roommate?

You're DEFINITELY not the messy roommate! Yeah, you're the exact opposite of messy. You might actually be the cleanest person in your apartment. Just remember, Clorox wipes aren't your only friends.

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You're not really a messy roommate! Sure, every once in awhile you might not feel like cleaning but on the whole, you're pretty clean. You're the ideal roommate because you're pretty clean but not anal about it. Good for you.

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There's no easy way to say this but... You're the messy roommate. There's nothing wrong with doing laundry every now and then but remember that the trash doesn't take itself out. What's the harm in helping out to clean?

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