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    David S. Pumpkins Returned To "SNL" And Though It Was Short, It Was Perfect

    I need more Pumpkins in my life.

    If you, like me, watched the Haunted Elevator Saturday Night Live sketch last year, you'll probably laugh just by thinking about the words "Any questions?"


    Look, I don't know exactly why it's funny, but it's perfect and this whole sketch will never get old.

    Luckily for us, Tom Hanks returned to SNL this past Saturday to reprise the character and give us some Pumpkins/Pimpkins love.

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    The sketch starts out with rapper Big Chris introducing his new track with featured artists Shantasia and Young Bitch.

    NBC / Via

    Then all of a sudden, more and more artists decide to join the track.

    NBC / Via


    NBC / Via

    But I know why you're here. And so, may I present to you, rapper David S. PIMPkins who is apparently now packing heat.

    NBC / Via

    I have so much love for you, David.

    David 4eva.

    NBC / Via

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