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    • shelbyl6

      Watching this video, it made me smile! These young women truly look like they’re having a great time together - they’re selling their sisterhood in this video! Recruitment has multiple days where each sorority goes over different aspects of their organization, to say this video is a blanket statement of who they are is false. Rushees will have a greater chance to get to know them throughout the entire process of recruitment. What I find upsetting here is that these young women are under attack for what - being blonde and beautiful? For blowing glitter?? Surely, we cannot say that this is a bigger step back in our society than Donald Trump running for president! Being a woman encompasses so many aspects to life, and so does being in a sorority! This was just a teaser video of the fun, carefree acts of sisterhood and friendship you can gain from their organization. I find it incredibly disappointing that their university admonished them, would they do the same for a fraternity showing their members running around a football field or jumping into a lake? So these women wore swimsuits… Are we really going to shame them in this day and age for what they are wearing?? Yes, having more diversity in their organization would be nice, but attacking their appearances and friendships is not the way to make that happen. I’m very disappointed in the women that are attacking these young ladies, shouldn’t we build each other up instead of tearing them down? By us passing judgements on them for being blonde, young and beautiful is just continuing a long history of bashing women in Greek organizations and our stereotypes are not helping their legacy grow. If the attack article hadn’t been written, you know what this video would be? Just your regular, well shot recruitment video.

    • shelbyl6

      It makes me so sad that we have entire posts pointing out the “fails” a 17 year old has. If every failed makeup experimentation I ever experienced from age 13 to now was documented and blasted all over the Internet, we would still be rolling in photos of too thick black eyeliner and blush all over my face. What does this post achieve but make fun of a young woman? And for everyone commenting on how it’s sad she feels like she needs this much makeup - you don’t know her motives. Makeup isn’t a shield for every user to hide behind, it’s a way to express your identity. Maybe she contoured too heavily, maybe it’s photoshopped - but whatever reasons she has for sporting this style are her own. Just because she used it too “heavily” in some opinions doesn’t necessarily mean she felt like she had to do it in order to look pretty. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t - we won’t ever even know because no one asked her for a comment on her choice of makeup for the event and I wonder why that was… Maybe, because this is such a nonissue, the request would have been scoffed at?

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