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    Online Schooling Is Going Well For These 18 People, Thanks For Asking

    "I don't know who I'm playing tic-tac-toe with."

    With school back in session, many classes are still being taught online, which means even more wild and hilarious moments. Here are some of the best:

    1. This teacher who REALLY committed:

    2. This student who decided to play a dangerous game:


    gonna respond to this girls discussion question with “hiiiii :)” someone stop me #fyp #foryou #school #drink

    ♬ original sound - aidanw3lls

    3. This student who really, really didn't wanna answer the question:


    if you’re in my chem class hi

    ♬ original sound - frandiazg

    4. This absolute hero who knew exactly what the people wanted:

    Today in a Zoom class my professor casually mentioned her cat and one brave student spoke up:

    5. This student who might wanna double-check the mute button next time:


    i wish this was fake.... i got in so much trouble #zoomcallsgonebad

    ♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

    6. This student who was not having it one bit:

    my zoom teacher just told me “don’t eat in class” bitch this my house...

    7. This teacher who started off their Zoom class right:

    Been doing some polls on Zoom to start all my class periods. Here’s the last two days.

    8. This student who decided to close her eyes for like a second and:


    I didn’t say anything either I just woke up like 😳 and left.... I feel bad now I should have just said “ya” then left HAHAHAHA #onlineschoolcheck

    ♬ Become the Warm Jets - Current Joys

    9. This absolute legend who took the whole class on a field trip:

    Loving this guy on zoom who took us to Taco Bell with him and then sat on his bed facing away from the camera while we all watched him eat a single quesadilla

    10. This student who forgot about one teeny, tiny detail:



    ♬ original sound - kyliembailey

    11. This teacher who DID NOT come to play, and she let Suzanna know it:


    first day of online zoom acting class be like... omg. wouldn’t wanna be suzanna 😭😭 #zoom #fyp #theatrekid

    ♬ I see ur azz suzanna - graingerlee

    12. This mom who hilariously trolled her daughter, who was just trying her best:

    13. This student who made a grave error:

    14. This guy who thought it would be hilarious to film part of his roommate's class:

    15. This student who is asking the important questions:

    i’m screaming i love zoom university

    16. This professor who made a very handy diagram:

    today in Zoom university my professor gave us the key to success

    17. This teacher who is really experiencing the struggle:

    My friend sent me these while she was in class. Zoom university is awesome

    18. And finally, this chaotic disaster that probably has the professor thinking it's good that this part of the assignment is virtual: