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If You've Worked For Or Spent Time With The Ultra Rich, What's The Wildest Behavior You've Seen?

How does the 0.001% live?

Something that's been made abundantly clear is that those who are super rich tend to live in a completely differently world than the rest of us. So, if you've spent time with the ultra rich (as an employee, a friend, a family member, doesn't matter!), we want to hear from you.


We wanna know the wildest behavior you've seen or the wildest thing you've seen the ultra rich spend money on. For example, maybe they threw a multimillion-dollar birthday party for their dog.


Or perhaps they were obsessed with trying the most expensive, most unconventional beauty trends, like vampire facials, coffee enemas, or pills that make your pee sparkle (apparently that's a thing!).

Mia getting her makeover in The Princess Diaries

Or maybe they bought the houses right next to the home they live in so they wouldn't have to deal with neighbors, and left them completely vacant.

A rich london man explaining to andy dwyer that his family owns every building they're looking at on parks and rec

Whatever it is, share it in the comments below. Tell us the wildest things you've seen the ultra rich say, do, or buy, and what made it so shocking. Or, if you'd rather stay anonymous, fill out this form instead. We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.