I Was Today Years Old When I Found Out That Rich People Can Actually Buy These 24 Wild Things

    You are hired to charge my phone.

    Ever wondered how the other half lives?

    Well, yesterday, Reddit user u/experfailist asked about luxury items that most people were shocked to discover that rich people can own, and whew, I don't even know how to process this information.

    Here are 24 things I literally didn't know you can buy if you’re rich.

    1. An elevator for their cars:

    2. Hired help to charge their phone:

    3. Movies commissioned about their lives:

    4. Personal trams/ski-lifts to their houses:

    5. Individually wrapped ice cubes:

    6. Rotating garage floors:

    7. Gold pills that makes their pee sparkle:

    8. Seasonal furniture:

    9. Not just chefs, but food service:

    10. Neighboring houses just so they don't have to deal with neighbors:

    11. And neighboring land just so houses won't be built that block their views:

    12. Skyscrapers with their names on it:

    13. A whole floor just for parties, as well as an elevator to go to it:

    14. Caviar that has live jazz music played to it:

    15. Leather cushions for resting your head while peeing when drunk:

    16. 'Family Offices':

    17. Toilets that analyze their waste:

    18. Shadow yachts:

    19. Ultra smart showers:

    20. House managers:

    21. Books by the foot:

    22. A whole wing of a museum used as a storage unit:

    23. Sterling silver coffee cans:

    24. And finally, time:

    @anyone who has any of these:

    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.