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    May 20, 2020

    A Delivery Driver's Message To Tony Hawk About A Fan Sending Him A Skateboard Went Viral, Tony Hawk Saw, And The Whole Thing Is Just Too Wholesome

    My faith in humanity is officially restored.

    I'm gonna be real here: during this pandemic, it's been hard to stay positive and see the good in things. But something that's straight-up warmed my cold, dead quarantine heart is this journey between TikTok user @fresh2deaf (or Mikail, according to his profile), Tony Hawk, and a little boy named Cooper.

    Mikail, who appears to be a delivery driver, explains that Cooper flagged him down and asked him if he could deliver a skateboard to Tony Hawk, who he's apparently a big fan of. Mikail then decided to "put it out there in the universe" for Tony Hawk to see, so he could give Cooper a "shout-out."

    So far, the TikTok has been viewed more than 4 million times. BuzzFeed has reached out to Mikail for comment.

    And, well, it turns that the universe heard, because one of those 4 million views was Tony Hawk! Mr. Hawk, who we've already established is a pure and wholesome treasure, uploaded his own TikTok where he thanks Mikail for relaying the message and thanks Cooper for the skateboard. He also tells Cooper that he's going to be sending him HIS OWN PERSONAL SKATEBOARD as a thank-you gift.

    Literally the one he's holding in the TikTok!!!

    @tonyhawk / Via

    I'm fine, really.

    Comedy Central

    Mikail has apparently followed up with Cooper and let him know about Tony Hawk's message, and he seems VERY excited about the new skateboard. So, yeah, good people still exist, and good things can still happen during these trying times. Thank you to Mikail, Cooper, and Tony Hawk for making my day!

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