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    Tony Hawk Tweets Every Single Time A Fan Doesn't Recognize Him And It's Too Perfect

    Poor Tony.

    Let's go over something real quick: This is what pro skateboarder Tony Hawk looks like.

    1. I'm telling you this because SOME OF YOU apparently have a hard time recognizing Tony Hawk in the flesh. But the good news is, he has a sense of humor about it — and he's been documenting every one of your awkward encounters on Twitter:

    2. When people meet Tony Hawk, they seem to realize that he's...somebody:

    3. But they just aren't quite sure who that somebody is:

    4. That doesn't stop them from making wild guesses:

    5. No matter how bad those guesses are:

    6. A whole lot of the exchanges take place at airports:

    7. And on airplanes, too:

    8. Some people are downright rude to poor, sweet Tony Hawk:

    9. While others inadvertently compliment him:

    10. This lady knew he was famous but couldn't figure out what he did for a living:

    11. Look, a little confusion is understandable! Most people aren't expecting to run into Tony Hawk IRL — including this flight attendant:

    12. Or this ticket agent:

    13. Or this guy at the grocery store:

    14. And even when fans DO recognize Tony, it often leads to awkward moments:

    15. He's had reservations canceled on him:

    16. He's had fans not so subtly try to get his phone number:

    17. He's been dragged just for aging:

    18. Look, not everyone's gonna recognize Tony Hawk in the wild! And that's OK!

    19. cool if you see him around:

    20. And maybe don't ask for an autograph:

    21. The good news is, Tony's constant tweets about this seem to be making an impact:

    22. May we never forget what Tony Hawk looks like again:

    So, one more time for the people in the back: This is Tony Hawk's face. Stare at it, study it, imprint it in your brain!

    Please be nice to him if you see him around.