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People On TikTok Are Doing The "A Little Bit Alexis" Dance And It's A Little Bit Hilarious

Ew, David.

In these trying times, it warms my heart that there are still a few good and pure things we can hold on to, like the television masterpiece Schitt's Creek.

And I think I'm right in saying that one of the best moments of the entire series is when Alexis Rose graces us with the choreography to the title track of her "critically reviewed", limited reality series A Little Bit Alexis. See for yourself:

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And that is why I am FLOORED by this trend of people re-creating the "A Little Bit Alexis" dance on TikTok!!!

Alexis would be proud, guys.

Now go learn the dance yourself and forget all your worries for like five seconds!!! You deserve it!