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    16 Hilarious, Wholesome, And WTF Moments That Happened During "The Boys" Season 2

    "Girls do get it done!"

    In case you didn't know, all episodes of The Boys Season 2 are now available to watch on Amazon Prime. And if you haven't watched the series yet, do it now! It's an amazing satire of superhero franchises and our society as a whole, and I seriously can't get enough.

    This last season was...eventful, to say the least. So, here are the most hilarious, wholesome, and “holy shit” moments of Season 2:

    🚨🚨 WARNING: Major spoilers ahead! 🚨🚨

    1. When The Church of the Collective had The Deep take psychedelic mushrooms and he started getting a therapy session from his gills:

    The Deep's gills telling him he deserves to be loved and telling him to "take a look" at himself in the mirror. The Deep looking emotionally at his gills in a hand mirror.

    2. Also, when The Deep tried to stop The Boys with a whale and they literally drove their boat right through it.

    The Deep standing on top of the whale as The Boys go careening through its body with a speedboat. The Deep crying next to the whale's lifeless body saying, "Lucy, I promise we'll harvest your blubber."

    3. When Annie and Hughie rocked out to "We Didn't Start the Fire" together in the car.

    Annie and Hughie singing the lyrics word-for-word and smiling at each other.

    4. When Annie and Mother's Milk bonded talking about their dads.

    Annie telling Mother's Milk about how her dad would take her to Dunkin Donuts as a kid, and Mother's Milk telling Annie about how his dad would try every single flavor at Baskin-Robbins after church.

    5. When we found out that Stormfront and Liberty were THE SAME PERSON.

    An elderly woman pointing to a newspaper with Stormfront's photo saying, "That's her, that's Liberty"

    6. And later on when we found out that Stormfront was also Fredrick Vought's first successful Compound V patient and a literal Nazi.

    A photo of Stormfront marrying Fredrick Vought at a Nazi wedding in the '40s, Stormfront telling Homelander they're in a "war for the culture", and Homelander looking at her totally stonefaced.

    7. When this version of Madelyn Stillwell turned out to be Doppelganger in Lingerie.

    Stillwell morphing back into Doppelganger and Homelander demanding that he change back into Madelyn.

    8. And then, when Homelander killed Doppelganger as he was doppelganging as Homelander:

    Homelander telling Doppelganger (as Homelander) that he "doesn't need anyone" before strangling him and snapping his neck.

    9. When things were going haywire with the Supes at Sage Grove and Mother's Milk got attacked by a 20-foot-long penis.

    10. When they delivered this cold open with a subplot of a civilian murdering a man he thought was a super villain.

    A man pointing a gun at a convenience store cashier accusing him of being a super villain, saying, "I saw the light in your eyes"

    11. When Black Noir was seconds from killing Annie, but then Maeve swooped in with the ultimate save:

    Maeve stuffing an Almond Joy into Black Noir's mouth and telling Annie, "he has a tree nut allergy" as Black Noir suffers on the ground

    12. When it seemed like Vought was finally about to crumble at the Senate hearing, but then everyone's heads started exploding:

    13. And when Senator Neuman made Alastair's head explode, heavily implying that she was behind making everyone else's heads explode at the Senate hearing:

    14. When Queen Maeve, Starlight, and Kimiko were absolutely ending Stormfront/Liberty, and Frenchie made this lovely callback:

    Stormfront, Maeve, and Starlight shooting The Seven Movie saying, "Girls get it done" and Frenchie saying "Girls DO get it done" later on when Maeve, Kimiko, and Starlight are kicking the shit out of Stormfront

    15. When The Deep found out A-Train was getting back into The Seven instead of him and he had some choice words for The Church of the Collective:

    The deep going on a rant to Alistair about The Church of the Collective and finishing it with "Fuck Fresca", aka the church's favorite drink

    16. And finally, when Kimiko and Frenchie had this little moment together and then he took her dancing at the end:

    Kimiko asking Frenchie, "do you dance?" and Frenchie responding, "of course I dance, what is the point to life without dancing?" And Frenchie twirling Kimiko in the final scenes of the season finale

    What were your favorite moments from The Boys Season 2? Tell us in the comments below!