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    35 Millennial Traits That Honestly Give Gen Z "The Ick"

    I am never going to emotionally recover from reading this.

    1. The pride we take in our Hogwarts houses:

    Millennials, please take your Hogwarts house out of your Twitter bio.

    2. Claiming that we're "adulting":

    Why do millennials love to be like “Adulting😝”???? like yeah you’re pushing 30 I’d hope you’re adulting

    3. Insisting on wearing our hair in a side part:

    4. Our inability to function without coffee:

    millennials be like “coffee is bae!😄☕️ #Adulting 😹🤪😳

    5. Calling our dogs "doggos":

    millennials say doggo and think they're gonna get laid

    Twitter: @belllizzlle

    6. Continuing to use the 😂 emoji:

    7. Using emojis in general:

    Twitter: @nwilliams030

    8. The super-high selfies we take:

    9. The fact that we still use the word "selfie":

    10. The love we feel for pizza:

    Not sure how millennials made liking pizza a personality trait but they did and now we’re all forced to live with it

    11. The hatred we feel for pineapples on pizza:

    millennials really out here thinking not liking pineapples on pizza is a personality trait

    12. Our obsession with bacon:

    how did millennials hype bacon up so much when it tastes like fucking shit

    Twitter: @soupypoopy69

    13. Our precious Starbucks cups:

    why do millennials go crazy over starbux cups

    Twitter: @crystaalized

    14. The way we say "I did a thing" for every single thing we've ever done:

    millennials be like “i did a thing” and post a picture of their newborn baby

    Twitter: @doc2gec

    15. Our collective desire to be a #GirlBoss:

    16. The grip that wine has on us:

    Millennials be like “This is my emotional support wine.”

    Twitter: @ChefJonKung

    17. Ditto for rose gold:

    millennials are so cute they're like obsessed with rose gold and like WHERES MY WINE

    Twitter: @literallysofie

    18. Still clinging to the hope that we'll one day own property:

    aging millennials love to stand in a circle and talk about how the real estate bubble is bound burst soon

    Twitter: @NeerajKA

    19. The lengths we go to in order to not pick up the phone:

    millennials will do anything to avoid phone calls

    Twitter: @LizHagelthorn

    20. Our love of cinema:

    millennials love picking a movie they watched once as a kid that has a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes and then making it their entire personality

    Twitter: @_RobertSchultz

    21. Our need to state the facts:

    millennials are always like “I want avocado toast!” and “we’ve been at war my entire life!!”

    Twitter: @lolennui

    22. The fact that we're bilingual:

    millennials be like “i’m speak two languages…english and sarcasm. 😂”

    Twitter: @yellocrocs

    23. Our desire to be trilingual:

    millennials be like “i’m getting my life in order, time to redownload duolingo”

    Twitter: @estradiolgirl

    24. Our loyalty to the greatest show of all time:

    Millennials be like “I love the office” but be unemployed

    Twitter: @nate_mob23

    25. Our sheer hypocrisy:

    millennials be like omg you watch tiktok all day go do something with your life then watch 8 consecutive hours of greys anatomy

    Twitter: @sarahonvenus

    26. Our niche interests:

    millennials be like “if u get this reference we can be friends 😂🤣” and then the reference is spongebob

    Twitter: @venomIover

    27. Our interior design sense:

    why do millennials buy vintage furniture just to paint white and a hideous pastel instead of revarnishing the wood???? I’m so angry

    Twitter: @Arae2201

    28. Our appreciation for the good ole days:

    Twitter: @devinisasleep

    29. How we absolutely lose our shit when the leaves change:

    no but why do millennials get so hyped abt fall

    Twitter: @y2kfavr

    30. Naming our kids:

    what is the scientific explanation for millennials naming their kids shit like taylyn, braden, paxton, lakynn, klansmyn, and parker?

    Twitter: @ambient_soup

    31. Our serious nature:

    why do millennials nOT understand ironic text messages ,,, like?? they really think i’d text them “😳💅🏽🤩🥰✨🧚🏽‍♀️” and be dead serious about it??? what????

    Twitter: @spacehaze69

    32. Our millennial urge to give 'em the ole ✨razzle-dazzle ✨:

    @intersteIler bruh why do millennials always break out into song when they’re upset 😭

    Twitter: @adamkoplik

    33. The fact that we still can't throw iPhone boxes away:

    millennials love to just like keep a nice cardboard box

    Twitter: @danielleweisber

    34. Our obsession with Gen Z when we should be obsessed with getting a 401(k):

    why do millennials care about gen z so much, don’t y’all got jobs

    Twitter: @fructosepapi

    35. And finally, our entire essence:

    Me, a millennial, reading each and every one of these:

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