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Gen Z Is Telling Us To Stop Wearing Skinny Jeans, And Millennials Are Not Having It

Just another chapter in the Gen Wars series.

My fellow millennials, you may or not be aware of the fact that Gen Z has decided to come for our beloved side parts.

But that's not the only thing they're defaming that we hold so dear: They're also coming after our SKINNY JEANS!!!

A closeup of women wearing skinny jeans with a giant X over it

That's right, according to the Gen Z'ers of TikTok, skinny jeans are OUT and we should swap them out for baggy jeans immediately, lest we appear lame. Or even worse...✨old.✨


i don’t think i can ever go back. skinny jeans are still cute tho #swag

♬ So swag right now - yea

They'd rather lose their homes than wear skinny jeans.


i will never wear skinny jeans and i live by that #foryoupage

♬ original sound - audios

They'd rather DIE than wear skinny jeans!!!


Okay we all had a skinny jeans phase but I love my baggy jeans

♬ This is not my sound - Mikaela

But millennials aren't taking this skinny jeans hate sitting down.

@sharen_k pointed out that baggy jeans don't quite accentuate the same ASSets as skinny jeans.

@keeeeeeeks77 made this valid point:

@rosydelieu took a moment to mourn the skinny jeans she looks so good in:

@dogsn_dumbells claimed that baggier jeans and bootcuts would just hide our shoes.

@kaseykfit even put on a pair of non-skinny jeans and was like, "WTF kinda shoes do I wear with these?"

@callmeshanbabe kindly reminded Gen Z'ers that millennials are survivors of the low-rise bootcut era, and therefore she'll NEVER go back.

And finally, @ahope94 questioned if we should really be taking advice from Gen Z after the whole ✨Tide Pod Incident .✨

Me, a millennial, trying to decide which pair of jeans to wear out in public:

Where do you stand on the skinny jeans vs. baggy jeans discourse? Sound off in the comments!

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