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People Are Sharing Their Secrets And Stories From Working With Celebrities, And Some Are Positive While Others Are Shockingly Negative

Some of these are

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their secrets and stories from their time as celebrity assistants, and it inspired even more people to share! Here are their accounts — some positive, others not so much — of working with celebs.

Note: While we can't 100% verify these stories, these people are supposedly speaking from their own experiences working for celebrities.

1. "My wedding DJ worked for a radio station who would host a beloved country artist once a year. He met a ton of celebs, but said this man was the WORST person he'd ever met, was incredibly disrespectful, and wouldn’t let you look him in the eye. They dreaded interacting with him."

Wayne in wayne's world looking away and saying, "oh god, i made eye contact"

2. "I knew an assistant to an actor who was an indie sweetheart of the 2010s. Apparently, because he's been in the business for so long, he doesn’t know how to do virtually anything by himself besides act. Like, he doesn’t know how to check in to a hotel room, and his assistants have to do it for him. They said it was basically like taking care of a child, although he was nice."


3. "I was the stylist for three women on a reality show for two seasons. The show centered around their daughters who danced. They pretty much were exactly as they appear on TV. Not terrible people, but one was much nicer than the rest."


4. "I once worked for the model wife of an A-list child sensation turned pop star. She was super jealous and possessive of her husband, and she didn’t want me interacting with him. So, if he wanted something, I’d go get it, hand it to her, and then she’d hand it to him. They also had several expensive pets who were barely trained, and it was sometimes my job to walk them. I’m quite short, so I would literally be dragged down the street by their several-hundred-pound dogs that they'd ignore for the rest of the day (until they needed cute pictures for Instagram)."

A guy saying, "that is way above my pay grade"

5. "Michael Peña and his wife sent me a Nordstrom gift card for Christmas even after I told them that I’d left the company. They didn’t have to send me anything at all, but the fact that they did speaks volumes about their character. Things like that teach you a lot about this industry and the people in it. I learned there are good ones out there."


6. "I used to work as Priyanka Chopra's assistant back in 2008, and she's kind of sweet. She gave me a lot of free stuff and bought me a lot of makeup supplies, and I'm really grateful for that. I think she gets hated on a lot, but each person has their own story, so it's good to spread more love than hate!"

7. "I worked as a production assistant for a late-night talk show host. He always had to have his coffee very hot. Two weeks into working, I made his coffee for him at 185 degrees Fahrenheit when I checked the temperature. He took one sip, and then threw it at me while screaming that it wasn’t hot enough. If I hadn’t moved out of the way, I would have gotten seriously burned. I quit that night. The show's producer had to spend an hour convincing to stop them from making a formal complaint for assault."


8. "When I worked on the Warner Brothers studio lot, Zachary Levi said hello to me every morning when I passed his trailer. I always thought, 'Wow, he seems really nice.' Simple, but I never forgot it."

9. "I'm going back some years, but I worked with an A-list celebrity who I would've guessed was not a cigarette smoker. It seemed, though, that he was a fairly heavy smoker, and he would spend a great deal of time smoking outside of his trailer in his underwear so that his clothing/wardrobe didn't smell like cigarettes."


10. "I was a housekeeper for a Hollywood 'It' couple about five years ago. The husband, I loved — he was always extremely pleasant and charming. His wife was fine, but avoided talking to me whenever possible. And she had SO MUCH makeup. I think she must have gotten some from events, because I don't think it's possible for a human being to buy that much makeup. She had three dresser drawers devoted to makeup, it was ridiculous."


11. "I worked as an assistant to a large emo pop/punk band’s manager in the late 2000s. I had to go through all the fan mail and pull out anything super creepy to send to the private investigator they kept on retainer to make sure no one was actually going to attack the female lead singer."

12. "An ex-colleague that worked with a popular late-night TV host said that he was awful and the opposite of his happy, joyful self we see on TV. The person collecting his lunch one day got the wrong spice level for his Nando's chicken, and he threw his shoe at them, saying, 'Do you know who I am?! I'm the nation's sweetheart!' I haven't been able to watch his show since."


13. "I work for a well-known female comedian who has written and starred in beloved TV shows. She’s one of the most amazing people I’ve met. In addition to being a funny person with a great sense of humor, she’s super smart and is a great mom to her adorable kids. I’ve worked for other celebrities and she’s the first to actually care about my personal life. When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, not only did she give me paid time off for several months to take care of her, she’d always check in and ask how my mom was doing and if I was okay."

"Even after I went back to work, my boss would ask about my mom. And when she finally beat cancer, my boss sent her a wonderful 'spa day' gift basket with lotions, candles, plush robes, and expensive chocolates."


14. "Colin Farrell sent me a bouquet of flowers and a massage gift card for booking him tickets to multiple Broadway shows. I was an assistant at the time, and I never forgot it. A true gem!"

15. "An actor I worked for was shooting a movie in her hometown and had quite a few people lined up to get her autograph in the rain. We went into her trailer, she pulled out a bunch of headshots, threw a Sharpie on the table, and asked me to sign them while she changed into her personal clothes. I signed them and she walked out of the trailer, smiled at everyone, said, 'My assistant has signed photos for you all,' and jumped into the waiting car. I handed out the fake autographs to some VERY excited people."


16. "An actor/former pro wrestler had me fly home early from a 24-hour press trip because I thought he needed space in his SUV, so I rode with the rest of the reps. I guess he took it as an insult. It was pretty intimidating to have a former wrestler look you in the face and calmly tell you that if he talks to you any longer, he’s going to get mad. The fact that I could instill so much anger in someone like that confuses me to this day."


17. "I had a friend who worked for several years on the concierge floor of a well-known, upscale hotel in a major city on the West Coast where a lot of famous bands stayed while they were doing shows. She said that most of the bands were kind of jerks, but U2 really stood out as being different. They were all super nice, traveled with their families, were friendly with the staff, and they bussed their own tables and cleaned up after themselves."

Do you have any secrets and stories from your time working with celebrities? Share them in the comments, or fill out this form to keep it anonymous.