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It's Time To Spill All Your Secrets And Stories From Your Time As A Celebrity Assistant

What goes on behind closed doors?

Hello! If you are or were ever a personal assistant to a celebrity or public figure, we'd like to hear from you!

a woman saying, "i work as an assistant"

We wanna hear all your juiciest secrets and stories from the on the job. For example, maybe you worked for a super prominent celebrity and they only drank special water that cost $50 a bottle.

Kourtney Kardashian drinking a glass of water

Perhaps you were a personal assistant for a popular influencer and the amount of free stuff they got was absolutely bonkers.

Or, maybe you worked for a TikTok celebrity and the perks included frequent flights on a private jet and free room and board in their "TikTok house."

a bunch of tiktokers standing in front of their super nice car and home

Don't be shy, share your secrets and stories in the comments below! Or, if you'd rather remain anonymous, simply fill out this form instead. And feel free to keep the identities of the celebs you worked for anonymous as well! We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.