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This TikTok Artist Is Going Viral For Drawing Disney Princesses As Villains And It's The Halloween Vibe You Didn't Know You Needed

I guess every princess has a dark side.

Véronique Pierre is a 25-year-old artist living in French Guiana who has gone viral for giving Disney characters modern day glow-ups on TikTok.

Her work ranges from lighthearted glow-ups to more serious and timely makeovers, like Ariel dealing with widespread ocean pollution:

And now, Véronique is back with a brand-new series, and it's a Halloween vibe I didn't know I needed: Disney princesses as villains!

Here's a darker side of princess Jasmine and her tiger Raja:

Véronique told BuzzFeed that she wanted to do something special for the month of October, but she'd already drawn most of the Disney villains. So, she asked her community of followers on TikTok and Instagram if they'd rather see Disney princes or princesses drawn as villains. "Without a surprise, women won. And I have to say, I love this concept so much!"

Here's princess Aurora serving us some gothic witchy realness:

And Mulan after joining the Huns:

And Véronique's personal favorite, Belle:

"She's my favorite at the moment, maybe because I’m French. It was a pleasure to draw her."

Véronique told BuzzFeed she plans to try and draw all of the classically animated Disney princesses as villains by the end of October, and she's letting her followers help her decide the order. "I make my community participate as much as possible, because it gives me the feeling that they're drawing with me! So, the future princesses could be Cinderella or Pocahontas, and then I’ll start drawing the 3D-animated princesses. I can’t wait to draw Moana!"

"I'm lucky to have a community that supports me on my Disney designs and my own, original designs. I've always wanted people to follow me for who I am and what I do, and I have to say, I'm very proud of it and very happy. Now, Disney just needs to notice me! That would be the icing on the cake!"

You can follow Véronique on TikTok and Instagram to keep up with her Disney princesses as villains series, and also check out even more of her Disney glow-ups!