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    This Artist Draws Celebrities As Disney Characters, And It's The Collab You Didn't Know You Needed

    Billie Eilish is perfect as Aurora.

    Véronique Pierre is a 25-year-old artist living in French Guiana who has gone viral for her Disney creations on TikTok, including giving Disney princesses modern-day glow-ups and drawing Disney princesses as villains.

    Now, she's back with a brand-new series that I and many others are absolutely obsessed with: combining celebrities with Disney princesses.

    Here's Billie Eilish as Aurora, Véronique's personal favorite in the series:

    Véronique told BuzzFeed that her inspiration for the series came after she took a break from TikTok due to a case of artist's block. "I was listening to Billie Eilish songs and watching the movie Hotel Transylvania, and I was like, 'what if Billie was the character Mavis?' The idea made me smile! And I knew it was the beginning of something new."

    Once she posted Billie as Mavis, she received lots of feedback asking her to apply the concept to Disney characters. From there, Véronique said the ideas flowed naturally, and she kicked off the series with Ariana Grande as Rapunzel...

    ...and Taylor Swift as Cinderella.

    Véronique told BuzzFeed that she decided which celebrity fit best with each princess two ways: "The first is my community. They participate a lot through their messages. I love to involve them, because it’s a privileged moment of sharing between us. They also came up with the idea for Cardi B as princess Tiana."

    "Second, the idea pops into my head, and I try to combine the celebrities who inspire me every day through their work and the Disney characters that I admire."

    In order to keep her drawings true to the Disney princesses while also capturing the traits of each celeb, Véronique used a slightly different approach than in her previous series. "I use a picture of the celebrity as reference in case I make a mistake, or I directly integrate the picture into the drawing to help me ensure that the result is better. This technique requires more time, work, concentration, and precision, because the drawing might not yield a good result."

    As for which celebs she might draw as princesses and other Disney characters in the future, Véronique wants to keep it open, but has a few in mind. "I especially remember the artists who fascinate me with their careers, their energies, their messages, like Dua Lupa, Taraji P.Henson, Zendaya, and many others."

    Overall, she just wants to keep creating, having fun, and engaging with the community she's created online. "I leave the door to creativity wide open, and if that inspires young artists to do the same and create their own characters based on Disney inspiration, or something else, I'm very happy!"

    To see even more installments of Véronique's celebs as princesses series, as well as her other amazing work, follow her on TikTok and Instagram.