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    This Artist Creates Insanely Intricate Balloon Sculptures And I Can't Stop Staring

    "I've liked creatures since I was small."

    I'm willing to bet many of us have fond memories of receiving balloon animals as children, but can any of us say we've received anything like this?

    Masayoshi Matsumoto, a 29-year-old artist from Kanagawa, Japan, runs the Instagram account @isopresso_ballooon where he showcases his unique balloon sculptures.

    According to Masayoshi, his interest in balloon animals began when he joined a juggling club 11 years ago.

    But he's always been interested in animals and nature.

    When deciding what to create next, Masayoshi says it depends on his mood.

    He exclusively uses balloons to make his art pieces. No markers, pens, seals, or adhesives are used, making his creations that much more impressive!

    His balloon sculptures include a wide range of different creatures, like this lifelike mandrill...

    These bright beehive ginger flowers...

    This intricate caterpillar...

    and Masayoshi's personal favorite, this complex hornet.

    He hopes his work serves to highlight a complexity many people tend to overlook when they think about balloon animals and balloon art.

    I think it's safe to say he's accomplished all that and more!

    BRB, going to go stare at this insanely cute and realistic blobfish for the rest of my life.