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    People Are Sharing The Furniture They Bought Because "They're Adults And They Can," And I'm Obsessed

    I'd like a Sisyphus table in my house as soon as possible, please.

    When you're a kid, there are plenty of cool and fun things you wanna buy...but you can't, because you're a kid.

    And then you become and adult, and YOU CAN!!!

    In the spirit of being old enough to buy whatever the eff you want, TikTok user @chronicallycarl challenged her fellow grown-ups to share the "ridiculous piece of furniture" they've bought with their adult dollars before showing off her own — a lovely T. rex skull replica as the centerpiece for her dining table:

    It didn't take long for other people to start chiming in with their own "grown-up" purchases, and trust me, they didn't disappoint:

    1. This person bought an Alaskan king-size bed, which measures a whopping 9 by 9 feet:

    A woman lying on her Alaskan king bed with her dog, looking completely minuscule

    2. This person bought a lovely portrait of Gordon Ramsay to watch over them while they cook dinner:

    A painting portrait of Gordon Ramsay in a medieval prince attire

    3. This person bought themself a whole-ass minibar for their bedroom, complete with a Keurig, iced coffee–maker, ice-maker, and mini fridge:

    A countertop with a full coffee setup and a mini fridge installed in between two cabinets

    4. This person bought a dining table that expands and condenses in the coolest way possible:

    A round dining table that butterflies out from the middle, with wooden leafs that emerge from the middle and fan out to create a larger table

    5. This person bought a black panther coffee table complete with a gold chain:

    A coffee table with a panther statue as its base, with a gold chain necklace around its neck

    6. This person bought an absolutely dreamy "Sisyphus table," with a marble that continuously creates new designs in the sand:

    A wooden table with a glowing bed of sand in the middle and a marble that automatically moves to create designs in the same

    7. This person bought some sick Star Wars mounted lights:

    Large mounted wall lights that look like R2-D2, C-3PO, and the millennium falcon coming out of the walls

    8. This person bought a mini recliner just for the heck of it:

    A recliner chair that could probably only fit a dog or a toddler

    9. This person bought not one, but TWO scorpion thrones and a skull chair:

    Two scorpion shaped chairs with the scorpion tails as the backs, and a chair with a back that looks exactly like an angry skull

    10. This person bought a shoe chair that may or may not have originally been in a strip club:

    A shiny stiletto-shaped chair with a special number on the back that probably means it was once inventory at a strip club

    11. This person bought a cow ottoman — or should I say, otto-moo:

    A velvet cow-print ottoman with a cow's head, leg, and horns

    12. This person bought a Harry Potter–inspired lamp complete with a teeeny-tiiiny light bulb on the tip of Dumbledore's wand:

    A lamp with the Deathly Hallows symbol on the shade, and a replica of Dumbledore's wand rising up from the base, with a tiny light bulb on the end of the wand

    13. This person bought a coffee table that pays perfect homage to the Wu-Tang Clan:

    A sparkly coffee table in the shape of the Wu-Tang Clan's logo

    14. This person bought a pair of refurbished Applebee's barstools:

    Two wooden barstools with the Applebee's logo carved out of their back panels

    15. This person bought a balloon animal bench:

    A long bench that looks like a balloon animal weiner dog

    16. And finally, this person bought an end table that looks like a giant corn on the cob:

    An end table that looks like corn on the cob with a bite taken out of it

    What's the wildest piece of furniture you've bought? Share it in the comments below!