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10 Jobs People Do At Work That Are Not In Their JD

Are you the manager finance and manager birthdays at work?

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4. The Guy with a Plan


From surprise birthdays to random outings, there's always this person who will have a plan for everything. You might not agree to his idea but at the end of the day you'll be having McDonald's, just as he suggested.

7. Mr/Ms. Know It All


There's a Mr./Ms. know it all in every office to whom you would turn to, every time there's a technical problem. He's the power point wizard, the IT guy when the real IT. guy is not there, he knows what to do when no one else knows.

8. Motivation Executive


He/she is a living book of motivational quotes. Every time you feel devalued or demotivated, he comes up with the right words to make you feel better. You want to go talk about an increment, he/she will motivate you; you don't like how you're being treated at work, he'll listen.

9. Professional Asshole


They are your worst nightmare. So full of themselves, they really think every good thing that has ever happened is because of them. They'll take credit for awesome things you or someone else has done; you're happy about something, they'll take that away from you like dementors. It's like they are being paid to be an asshole, and to top it all they think everyone likes them.

So who are you out of all these?

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