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10 Things Every Procrastinator Has Shamelessly Done

Well, actually there are twenty but let's just try to relate to these, first.

sheerinj • 3 years ago

5 Things You Should Consider Before Moving To Mars

After all, you don't just need water to survive.

sheerinj • 3 years ago

10 Food Puns You Can't Help But Loaf

You made a misteak, opening this

sheerinj • 3 years ago

10 Jobs People Do At Work That Are Not In Their JD

Are you the manager finance and manager birthdays at work?

sheerinj • 3 years ago

Things We Thought About After Seeing Miley's VMA Looks

Cause, she gets the best of both worlds

sheerinj • 3 years ago

10 Monday Gifs That Are So Relatable, It Hurts

If Monday had a face I would throw my coffee on it and scream at it until it hides in a corner and silently weep.

sheerinj • 3 years ago

In A Parallel Universe: A Re-Imagination Of Red Carpets With Cats

So in the real world, catlebrities are slaying in their gorgeous attires, on the red carpet. Decide for yourself, who wore it best?

sheerinj • 3 years ago

8 Holymoly Fashion Trends That Made Us Flinch

It’s just August and we’ve seen so much of bizarre already that I am genuinely thinking of shifting to Earth’s twin Planet. We understand that fashion and style is something diverse and liberating but seriously you’re not a Christmas tree. Nope, no, not at all!

sheerinj • 4 years ago