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    19 Things Only People With Fibromyalgia Will Understand

    So cold. So tired.

    1. Your brain fog sometimes makes you talk not grood.

    The Simpsons / Via

    I promise I'm not drunk and/or stoned.

    2. The simplest physical activity can make you feel like you just summited Mount Kilimanjaro.

    The Simpsons / Via

    Welp, I've had enough of that.

    3. You show up to work, grossly overdressed, because the AC feels like it's been set to Ice Age.

    Valeriy_g / Getty Images / Via

    4. Flare ups make you feel extremely achey. Similar to how your body feels when you have the flu.

    Power Puff Girls / Via

    "Do I have a fever? Are you SURE I don't have a fever?!"

    5. FM pain can also be sharp and dull. It isn't picky.

    Mkos83 / Getty Images / Via

    Sometimes it feels stabby, sometimes it feels punchy *shrug*

    6. Sometimes your meds give you a kinda out of body experience, like you're a zombie leading your zombie body.

    Shayna Brewer / Via Shayna Brewer

    7. You know exercising helps, but you're too busy being achey to exercise.

    fuckyeahreactions / Via

    I have to exercise to stop being achey, but I'm too achey to exercise, but I need to exercise to stop being achey, but I'm too achey...

    8. When you do go to the gym, your workout routine is the easiest compared to other gym-goers, yet somehow, you're the sweatiest one there.

    u/comicbooksven / Via

    I literally just STEPPED onto the treadmill, dang it.

    9. Your brain fog is so bad, sometimes you mix up the steps in your daily routine.

    Shannon McNaught / Via

    Of COURSE I put my bra on the top of my shirt on purpose and not on accident at all....

    10. You do your best to remain calm since stress is a major trigger for a flare up.

    chescaleigh / Via

    It ain't worth the pain...

    11. Even though you're tired all the time, your sleeping patterns are ridiculously erratic.

    Kiki's Delivery Service / Via

    My best friend is my bed, tho.

    12. When you do get sleep, you rarely feel rested.

    u/sunshineplur / Via

    I'm not sleeping. Just resting my head.

    13. Getting diagnosed correctly for Fibromyalgia is like taking a quest in a Tolkien novel. It's suuuuuper drawn out.

    getty images / Via

    Luckily, doctors who keep up with new findings in the medical field usually figure it out.

    14. Mapping out your trigger points on your body is like drawing a painful Chakra chart.

    Sayer Ji / Via


    15. Your body is So. Sensitive. To. Everything.

    Pixologicstudio / Getty Images / Via

    Recent research shows that we may have a lot of extrasensory nerves, which likely explains why we have so many sensitivities.

    16. Hold on a that poison ivy on your back? Nope! It's a goddamn shirt tag.

    Andreypopov / Getty Images / Via

    It's not fair that something barely touching you can hurt/itch that much.

    17. Regardless of your FM sensitivities, you have a high tolerance for other types of pain from all those years of doctors telling you it's "all in your head."

    Monty Python / Via Shayna Brewer

    I'm fine, it's fiiiiiine.

    18. If you have fibromyalgia, there's a high chance you also have an auto-immune issue as well.

    PG Tips / Via

    What do you mean, "I MIGHT have lupus?!?!?!"

    19. And finally, you tend to lean on everything, like an angsty teenager. Not because you're cool, but because you're so dang tired all the time.

    Girlfrommars / Getty Images / Via

    Please forgive my disrespect.

    But regardless of all these issues, there have been several advances in doctor's attitudes, as well as treatments, for fibromyalgia in the past 20 years. Here's hoping they continue to grow!

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