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    Every Indian's Childhood In 100 Seconds

    Prepare to be hit right in the feelz, y'all.

    We decided to bring together some of the most iconic things that made every Indian kid's childhood an epic experience.

    Who knew that memories about the end of summer vacation, and getting ready for school would hit you right in the feelz?

    Our childhood was equal parts being good and concentrating in school, and equal parts doing utter BAKWAAS. Every second of which was a blast.

    Everyone knew what would ensue if there were two pens on the table, or if an unsuspecting friend opened up a tiffin box full of Maggi.

    Remember how many friendship bands we tied, and the hours we wasted thinking up the perfect slam book entries?

    And of course, the countless toys and treats, which made our childhood the best goddamn time of our lives.

    Watch this video and relive all of this and more from your amazing childhood in exactly 100 seconds: