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Here's One Of The Most Striking Images From New York's Pride Parade

While same-sex marriage remains illegal in India and Pakistan, it was legalised in the United States last week.

This image was taken at New York City’s LGBT pride parade on Sunday and is probably one of the most striking pictures from the event.

Yassir Islam / Via

BuzzFeed India has obscured the identities of the men in the photo, upon their request.

The subjects of the image – holding a Pakistani and Indian flag, respectively – are simultaneously challenging the historic tensions between the two nations, and the way homosexuality is stigmatised and punished in the subcontinent.

The US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage across the United States last week.

Same-sex marriage is illegal in both India and Pakistan.


It brings one question to mind, significant on more levels than one:

Manjunath Kiran/ AFP / Getty Images

Why can't we all just get along?

Yassir Islam / Via

We've blurred the faces of the subjects of this photograph upon their request, due to safety concerns.

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