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Here Are The Products India Has Been Buying On Amazon This Week

Find out why Indians have been buying a lot of "chewing gum" lately.

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Amazon has a list of cool products called “Movers and Shakers”, which is a collection of stuff that's now ~trending~.

This past week, Indians have been purchasing a lot of interesting grooming products for everyone, ranging from a "beard oil" for men, to a fine hair removal device for ladies. People have also been buying many cute products for kids, including this adorable shampoo-proof shower hat pictured above. There's also a game-changing LBD-inspired accessories organiser on this list, as well as some "chewing gum", that isn't really what it seems.

1. This beard-grooming oil that keeps men's facial hair hydrated and looking soft, shiny and silky (₹200).

Most Promising Review: "Great product! For someone with dry skin, applying this twice (once in the morning and once in the late evening) keeps my beard hydrated and looking groomed at all times. You should definitely give this a shot once to see if this is the beard oil for you. The reviews don't tell the whole story, as everyone's hair and skin are different and will react slightly differently to the oil." – Rohan

Get it here.

2. This cute accessories organiser that looks like a little black dress you can hang in your closet (₹147).

Most Promising Review: "A good organiser for the dozens of earrings I have kept in them. Now I save almost 10 minutes while dressing up for work. No more searching drawers and different boxes. No earrings getting entangled with each other. Superb." – namita pipalia

Get it here.

3. This remote-control organiser that keeps up to four of your remotes in the same place (₹240).

Most Promising Review: "It's really more of an 'organiser' than a stand. Great to have one to avoid the clutter and to keep your TV, set-top box, home theatre remote in perfect order. Sleek in design and handy. Good buy in reasonable price. Adds to the over all look of your room too." – Debraj Sharma

Get it here.

4. This durable flashlight that also doubles up as a self-defence stun gun (₹376).

Most Promising Review: "I am writing this review after almost 4 months of purchase. Have to say this is a very good product. Super bright torch, and scary stun gun. Is working absolutely fine after 4 months of use, charges well and maintains the charge for a long time, almost the same as when it was bought. Good battery life. Go for it!" – Gopi

Get it here.

5. This nifty facial hair removing tool which works on all types of skin (₹101).

Most Promising Review: "This one needs more love. Like most good things in life, it requires practice and patience, but the results speak for themselves. I finally learned to use it the right way after about 20 minutes of failed attempts. In this context, it helps to watch instructional videos on YouTube. A word of caution, however: DO NOT use near the eyebrow region. I tried using it on my forehead and accidentally pulled a chunk out of my eyebrow." – The Offshore Pirate

Get it here.

6. This adorable shampoo-proof shower cap that makes sure babies have a pain-free shower (₹189).

Most Promising Review: "Good product. My baby comfortably wears this while having a head bath without being fussy. The delivery was a bit late, but overall I'm satisfied with the product." – Neetika

Get it here.

7. This affordable cardboard VR headset which is compatible with your Android or Apple phone (₹175).

Most Promising Review: "A very nice product. It is of low quality material, but it works really good. It is quite easy to assemble and its magnetic switch also works well. To enjoy it fully, use the Android app "AAA VR cinema", which is a good app to play 360°, 180°, SBS 3D and normal videos or movies. The best part of it is that you can stream your PC screen output to your phone, and can enjoy anything which you're playing on your PC, from movies to HD games." – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

8. This steam shot cleaner which eradicates the tough-to-remove stains from your kitchen and bathroom floors (₹4,980).

Most Promising Review: "Extremely useful product. Perfect for cleaning stubborn dirt. The flexible extension hose makes it simple and convenient." – harsh vaid

Get it here.

9. This multipurpose children's cupboard with adjustable height and a four-wheel base for mobility (₹1,693).

Most Promising Review: "The product looks exactly like the picture. The assembly was easy enough. The product is very useful to keep all my baby's stuff in one place. I do not keep anything heavy though. I will recommend this. As usual, Amazon delivered before the date." – Moumita Mitra

Get it here.

10. This waterproof and shockproof wireless speaker which is perfect for the great outdoors (₹1,499).

Most Promising Review: "ZAAP AQUA is one of the best BlueTooth speaker I have used in this price category. Its sound quality is far better than products of high price range. The product is very handy and comes with additional attachments to use while cycling or working out. Overall product gives satisfactory feel and sense of reliability and durability while daily rough uses. I recommend this product to other customers for personal use or for gifting purposes." – prateek

Get it here.

11. This cute keychain of Thor's Mjölnir hammer for your Marvel-obsessed friend (₹130).

Most Promising Review: "Superb product, looks brilliant and the engraving on the hammer is exactly the same as Thor's hammer. Can be used as a pendant also. Great stuff by the seller & super fast delivery." - Diptak

Get it here.

12. This roulette casino game set with 16 drinking shot glasses (₹880).

Most Promising Review: "What a fabulous gift. So reasonable!! As always, delivered with excellent packing by Amazon, much before the promised date. The box is so light that it made me wonder whether the 16 glasses are of plastic, but they are made of good quality glass and are nicely painted." - Amazon Customer

Get it here.

13. This hilarious chewing gum toy that delivers an electric shock to your unsuspecting friends (₹89).

Most Promising Review: "Really amazing toy. It looks just like real chewing gum! It gives a nice and non harmful shock, I tried it myself too!" - Mukund Kale

Get it here.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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