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This Guy Shot An Entire Wedding On An iPhone, And It Looks Stunning

"As much fun as it sounds, it was actually quite a challenge."

Sephi Bergerson is an award-winning Israeli photographer who has been shooting Indian weddings since 2002.

Sephi Bergerson

In November 2015, Bergerson shot a three-day wedding in Udaipur using nothing but an iPhone 6s Plus.

Sephi Bergerson

Apart from the limitations of using a phone, Bergerson said he also had to find a couple willing to allow him to shoot their wedding like this.

Sephi Bergerson

"This is the reason why I first wish to give a huge credit to Ayushi and Abhishek for the trust and support," he said.

"As much fun as it sounds, it was actually quite a challenge. Daytime pictures were fantastic, but the night still remained a bit tricky," he added.

Sephi Bergerson

Speaking about the perspective of using a phone, Bergerson said, "I don't put the iPhone to the eye, so I don't block eye contact with the subject."

Christophe Viseux

"I don't think it's going to replace any existing camera, it's just a very interesting new way of shooting."

Sephi Bergerson

Watch the video:

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