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    Have You Ever Wondered What It Takes To Sleep In Space?

    Thankfully, space PJs are a thing.

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    Sleepin’ ain’t easy. You’ve probably found yourself in bed at some point, tossing and turning, looking up “How To Fall Asleep” on wikiHow.

    Well, have you ever thought about how astronauts sleep? Up in SPACE?? IN ZERO GRAVITY?!!?!?

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    Did they get to take a mattress with them? Do they even have pillows up there? I THINK THE FUCK NOT.

    Let's tackle the most important question first – do astronauts have space jammies? The answer is YES!

    CSA (Canadian Space Agency) / Via

    Astronauts on board the International Space Station are provided with a set of pyjamas. According to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the pymajas are Russian-made.

    Instead of a bed and pillows, astronauts on the ISS only have a sleeping bag inside a compact sleep capsule.

    CSA (Canadian Space Agency) / Via

    Sleeping upside-down or sideways doesn't make a difference – it's all the same to an astronaut in Zero-G.

    The sleeping bag is attached to the capsule with ropes, so the astronaut doesn't float away while asleep.

    CSA (Canadian Space Agency) / Via

    TBH, it's like a sleeping bag/jacket hybrid, so you pop your arms in through the holes and you're secure AF.

    CSA (Canadian Space Agency) / Via

    It’s a biiit of work. You can’t just get back to the ISS after an intergalactic night out and jump into your space bed.

    CSA (Canadian Space Agency) / Via

    In fact, there are no parties in space. :((((((

    No pillows? No problem! Because of the lack of gravity, your head won’t be lolling helplessly to any side, and you can sleep soundly.

    CSA (Canadian Space Agency) / Via

    And there you have it! Once you get used to it, it looks like sleeping in space might actually be comfier?!!?!?

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    1. So... would you prefer to sleep the way astronauts do in space?

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    So... would you prefer to sleep the way astronauts do in space?
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      Aww hell no. I prefer to sleep the way I have always slept. And they didn't take their blankies?!?!??!?
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      Fuck yeahhhh. It seems like a more comfortable way to rest. And I get a free jacket!!!!
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      I can't remember the last time I got any sleep so who really cares anyway.
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      Sure I'll do whatever it takes to get myself off the face of this earth.

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