This Dude Asks People To Tweet Random Words At Him, Then Turns Them Into Hilarious Songs

This is an ode to swag.

1. Kenneth Sebastian is an Indian comedian/musician/YouTuber/Mallu rockstar.

You may remember him from this hilarious spoof of the Apple Watch.

2. A few weeks ago, Kenny started tweeting with the hashtag #KennySing4Me.

Kenny Sebastian / Via Facebook: standupkenny

You guessed it. Kenny sings for you.

3. Every Sunday, Kenny takes the best tweets with the hashtag, and improvises a song out of them that very day.

Kenneth Sebastian / Via

4. He allows people to tweet words at him from 1 PM to 3 PM, and uploads the song within a few hours.

6. “I could have it up in a couple of hours, but most of the time goes into the rendering and uploading,” he told BuzzFeed India over a phone call.

@knowkenny its sunday! My word is : Gotham city #KennySing4me

— Nikita Chhabra (@nikitachhabra93)

@knowkenny Chachapooltable #KennySing4me

— AlyinaSajawal (@TheKananGillFan)

WTF is chachapooltable?! Poor Kenny.

8. It started out as a one off for Women’s Day, but Kenny had so much fun with it that he decided to do one every week.

9. The response to the video prompted Kenny to do another video the next week, entitled “Ode to Swag.”

His aim is to put up a #KennySing4Me original every Sunday from now on.

10. Kenny also includes a “Hall of Fame” of the most bizarre words he is requested on Twitter.

Some of them include Mohenjo-daro, African Penis and Bowchickawow (seriously, WTF internet).

11. Watch the brand new edition of #KennySing4Me, (featuring comedian Kanan Gill as a special guest) here:

And tweet to him with #KennySing4Me every Sunday!

12. You can also watch Kenny’s song from last Sunday, called “The Sexy Song” here:

13. Keep on keepin’ on, Kenny.

NBC Universal Television

Also, “Moist” #KennySing4Me. Heh heh.

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Shayan Roy is a writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.
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