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13 Cool Products Indians Have Been Buying On Amazon This Week

Glow-in-the-dark tape?? Chocolate idlis?! TAKE MY GODDAMN MONEY ALREADY.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers”, which is essentially a list of cool stuff that is currently ~trending~.

This week, you're bound to find something you can't help but gift to someone. There's a set of "slime" barrels, which is one of the coolest gag gifts you'll find. Try the choco-idli mix for that foodie friend of yours, or even the all-in-one vegetable cutter. There's a cool two-way shot glass as well, and we're pretty sure nobody on this planet would say no to some glow-in-the-dark tape. And if your buddy loves Harry Potter, think no further and get them the Golden Snitch locket pronto!


1. This colour-changing lip balm that goes from zero to pink in a matter of seconds (₹140).

Most promising review: "This lip balm is a must in every girl's makeup bag. With smooth finishing, creamy texture and just the right balance of colour and shine, just a swipe of this fantastic product will leave your lips "blooming" with a natural looking, and a healthy sheen." – Leena

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2. This unique mix that lets you make chocolate flavoured idlis at home (₹159).

Most promising review: "I have tasted chocolates and chocolate cakes from all over the world, and this ranks among the best. I was very apprehensive if chocolate would taste well in an idli, because idli batters are normally fermented and sour, but this tasted excellent. If you know the taste of proper double chocolate sponge cakes, then you can appreciate it." – Baywatcher

Get it here.

3. This set of four barrels o' slime, which will keep you engrossed for hours AND clean your keyboard keys (₹138).

Most promising review: MPR: "Its fun to play with this tactile substance which is all gooey! Please ensure your floor is clean, otherwise every time tiny dust particles can accumulate and the glossy slime doesn't appear glossy anymore. I wonder why I hadn't purchased this earlier." – Vidya

Get it here.

4. This locket in the shape of a golden snitch that's perfect for any Potterhead (₹299).

Most promising review: "The product looks absolutely beautiful. The chain is sturdy, but the joint seems a little delicate. The wings are absolutely detailed and the whole snitch looks very beautiful. It's shiny and brings out the beauty of the snitch." – Snigdha

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5. This 9-piece vegetable slicer/peeler that will come really handy in the kitchen (₹282).

Most promising review: "There are two different dicing blades. I especially love the quick pop-in-and-out blade panels, easy to rinse and store. There is a small plastic picker to get the crud out from the blades while rinsing, and this came in handy when I diced apples with skins. The base has rubber stoppers so the unit sits firmly on your counter with no clumsy sliding around." – Sandeep S. Aulakh

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6. This bottle of "bio-oil" with plant extracts and minerals that promises to naturally heal any scars (₹375).

Most promising review: "Amazing product! My skin feels different! My acne scars feel softened. It is written that I must use the product for at least three months before I can see the improvements. Been a month now, and I can already see the improvements." – Imliben

Get it here.

7. This mean-looking "upside-down" shot glass that can be filled up both ways (₹399).

Most promising review: "I had gifted it to one of my friends. Best gift so far. The quality is very good. It has a capacity of around 60-70 ml of fluid. The skull shape shows really well if you pour some coloured liquid into it." – Pranoti Pawar

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8. This waterproof travel cap that also blocks harmful UV rays (₹700).

Most promising review: "Rain resistant material. Very light on head. Easy to wash. An inch-wide lining on the circumference of the sides absorbs the sweat well and doesn't make it uncomfortable at all. Loved it." – Ritz

Get it here.

9. This effective roller to work out your abdominal muscles without hitting the gym (₹170).

Most promising review: "I had tried a roller at my gym and wanted to buy one for myself, so I can use this at home too when I skip my workouts. The product is A+, and the quality is amazing. You can use it directly on the floor as the wheels are designed in such a way that it will not slip, but it's always better to use a mat so you can have better control over the roller." – Kabir

Get it here.

10. This affordable and foldable VR headset that's custom-made for your Android phone (₹1,299).

Most promising review: "Really awesome product, it makes you feel like you are sitting in a movie hall alone. The design is also very smart and made of good quality plastic, with good cushioning provided. It has straps to adjust the fitting, which is really good." Tejbir

Get it here.


11. This foldable laptop fan which can be adjusted to match the design of your laptop (₹243).

Most promising review: "As the cooling fan is fold-able, you can move the hands of the cooling fan to your liking, and also position them below the cooling ducts on your laptop, making it more efficient. Two of the hands also have an elevation, so that the laptop can be placed at a height. The battery consumption for this cooling pad is also much lower than the ones I have owned in the past. The fans are super silent keeping in mind they are small." – Yuvraj

Get it here.

12. This glow-in-the-dark tape that could change your damn life, AND make all your stuff glow (₹190).

Most promising review: "Wow! I am so happy with the purchase. I tried using it on a data cable just to check if it glows in the dark, and it does so really, really well. They packed it so nicely for me. I will definitely repurchase this when I run out. There is a lot you can do with this super sticky adhesive." – Jackie

Get it here.

13. This cute coffee mug that looks like a camera lens (₹1,449).

Most promising review: "An excellent product. Hats off to the person who had this idea of making a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens. The delivery was fast too, got the product within two days. The lens design is practically a replica of the original." - Gaurav Morgaonkar

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Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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