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13 Products Under ₹1,000 That All Indian Dudes Need In Their Life Right Now

♪ Boys are best! Khareed lo! ♪

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called “Movers and Shakers”, which is a collection of stuff that's basically ~trending~.

This week, we tried our best to include Amazon products an Indian twentysomething guy might like, so this list includes everything from shoes to shampoo, all for men. There are some multipurpose products which are great for guys on the go, as well as some awesome stuff every man would love to geek out on. There's also some Batman merch in there, which means this list is now doubly awesome.

1. This skin-friendly trimmer which claims to provide one month of cordless use on ten hours of charging (₹951).

2. This 2-piece Batman towel set, because literally every guy wants to run out the shower screaming "I'M BATMAAAAN" at some point (₹699).

3. This 6-button gaming mouse which looks like more science went into it than all of your Call of Duty tactics (₹890).

Most Promising Review: "Just Superb. Perfect weight, perfect response, perfect size and superb looks. Not overly-illuminated (which actually would look cheap and toy-ish), and the switchable dpi button is what actually helps a gamer. 2000 dpi is actually too fast to get adapted to at first, but it really pumps up your shooting skills." – Abhishek Singh

Get it here.

4. Every dude needs at least one secret pocket in their wallet, and this plush brown pleather wallet has TWO of those (₹325).

Most Promising Review: "Superb wallet. The material used is good, and it can hold notes of ₹1000 too in a comfortable manner.

The card holders are also good, and the facility of a card pocket is just awesome." – Akshay.

Get it here.

5. This compact and durable sling bag with multiple compartments for you to carry your electronics on-the-go (₹499).

Most Promising Review: "The bag is very nice and of great quality for the price point at which it is being sold. The iPad Mini perfectly fits and the bag has adequate protection for the same. I used it extensively during travel. I could hold the iPad, my digital camera, my lens case, 2 case of spectacles, my purse and two passports without any trouble." – Anuraag Hota

Get it here.

6. This all-black, full sleeve hoodie with a comfortable fit, because boys know that basic is best (₹999).

Most Promising Review: "The feel of the fabric is great, and the finish and colour is great. It is a lot warmer than I expected it to be, but I am very happy with my purchase." – Noshtradamus

Get it here.

7. This incredible "beer" shampoo, which not only works best on dry hair, but also, BEER, MY DUDES (₹155).

8. This beard wash with anti-dandruff ingredients and moisturisers, because beard = (and sometimes >) bae (₹200).

9. And for my brothers out there struggling to get their beard on, try this facial hair growth roll on (₹245).

10. This smart AF (but affordable AF) pair of brown formal shoes for every guy out there to level up their suit game (₹429).

Most Promising Review: "I had ordered them without laces, but received the shoes with laces. Apart from that, the shoes are of great quality, especially considering the price at which i got it." – Dinesh Joshi

Get it here.

11. This affordable pair of slick clubmasters which will make everyone go, "damn, that guy got some slick clubmasters" (₹475).

12. This polyester duffle bag for every dude's gymming or sporting needs, or, you know, if you just like duffle bags (₹747).

13. This wire bin which holds all your wires with easy access available, because every guy knows wires are bullshit (₹559).

Most Promising Review: "We'll I've been looking for something like this in India for over a year now and couldn't find anything that was 'aesthetically looking good', 'not too pricey' and in the colour 'black'. I was surprised to find one that had all the features that I was looking for in a cable management box. Thank you HyperCasa for making this." – DC

Get it here.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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