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This Duo Is Travelling Across India For A Year To Highlight The Issues Nobody's Talking About

"We often forget that it is not just 'me' that needs to survive, but 'we'."

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The duo has been travelling across rural India for a few years, documenting different cultures, social issues and common challenges faced by the people across the country.


This year, they are starting a campaign called #DriveForChange, where they will embark on a drive through India's different regions, non-stop, for a year.

Piyush Goswami

They aim to focus on social issues faced around the country, documenting the triumphs of the ordinary man, and helping these stories reach a larger audience and extend the required support to these people.

"Before launching this project, we always tried to support them and give back in whatever way we could, but that wasn't enough," they told BuzzFeed India.

"Issues plaguing different rural regions might vary, but they are fundamentally the same. They grow out of poverty, lack of infrastructure and neglect," they added.

Piyush Goswami

"Most of the money lies in the hands of the urban population and most of it in turn is spent on urban development, because that's where more money is," they said.

In order to make their journey possible, the duo started a crowdfunding campaign, which helped them raise over $30,000.

Piyush Goswami

"The response has been absolutely incredible," they said, speaking of the campaign. "We were able to come this far only because of the kindness, unconditional love and support of our extended human family. Our only source of income is our documentary work. ""

Their journey commences in the next few days, and has received significant attention online, which helped them collaborate with social organisations to support them through the trip.

"We feel, the main issue that plagues society today is that in this struggle for survival, we often forget that it is not just me that needs to survive, but we."


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