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Subramanian Swamy Has Been Married Since 1966 But He Doesn't Mind A New Bride

Mr. Swamy, please listen.

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Indian politician Subramanian Swamy has had his moments.

Now, Mr. Swamy is back in the news. This time, because he apparently can't wait to get married again.

Overlooking a wedding in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Swamy was given the traditional mangalsutra, which he was to hand over to the groom. / Via

For those not in the know, the groom ties the mangalsutra around the bride's neck to formalize the wedding.

However, Mr. Swamy went straight for the bride instead.

A visibly concerned relative had to stop him before he stole the poor groom's bride-to-be.

Well, that was close.

We can totally understand the relative's reaction, owing to the fact that Mr. Swamy has been married for almost 50 years now.

Watch the hilarious moment here:

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